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Detailed introduction of each part of lining trolley

The lining trolley is generally composed of a template assembly, a bracket assembly, a translation mechanism, a mast assembly, a master-slave travel mechanism, a lateral hydraulic cylinder, a lateral support jack, a bracket support jack, and a mast support jack. 1. Formwork assembly: The formwork consists of 1 ~ 2 top molds and 2 ~ […]

Introduction to tunnel lining construction process

First, lining construction preparation 1. The tunnel lining trolley formwork and bracket have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability, the formwork trolley is finished, and the design requirements are met by the commissioned section size; 2. The initial support of the tunnel has been completed, and the surface flatness, clearance size, concrete strength, and bolt pull-out […]

Congratulations on the opening of Gaofei Group!

On November 5th, 2019, the sky was clear, the sun was shining, the Gaofei Group, and the sword was five years old. Gaofei team, from nothing to small, from small to large, from accessories to complete sets, from single to multiple, one after another experience, a field relocation, five years of wind and rain, witness […]

Tunnel lining construction plan

The tunnel lining construction scheme of the inverting arch and the filling first in the lining is 2 to 3 holes wide from the excavation working face. Invert the arch first, then construct the side wall and arch ring to facilitate the overall force of the lining structure, and to open early, anti-collapse. At the […]

Crawler hydraulic inverting bridge formwork bridge push technology introduction

With the construction technology of crawler hydraulic inverting bridge formwork gradually being applied in the construction of bridges, the construction method of walking type pushing method has also paid attention to the field of bridge construction. Therefore, Xiao Bian expounds the characteristics of the crawler type push-pull construction technology in this paper, and focuses on […]

Happy News|Congratulations to our company for the certification of intellectual property standards

Good news and even good news, a fruitful new story! Following the “GB/T9001-2018 (ISO9001:2008)” quality management system certification and “GJB9001C-2017” weapons and equipment quality management system certification, our company has once again won the certification of intellectual property standards! After eight months of preparation, and the internal intellectual property standards system was put into trial […]

Tunnel lining structure classification and design requirements

The tunnel lining structure is an important part of the underground building structure, and its structural form can be selected according to the type of the stratum, the function of use and the level of construction technology. The structural forms mainly include a semi-lining structure, a thick arched thin wall lining structure, a straight wall […]

Introduction to the working principle of tunnel lining trolley

The tunnel lining trolley is the equipment that must be used in the secondary lining of the tunnel construction process, and is used for the lining construction of the inner wall of the tunnel. It is an indispensable non-standard product for secondary lining during tunnel construction. It mainly consists of simple lining trolley, hydraulic automatic […]

Lining trolley technical requirements and acceptance criteria

In order to improve the quality of tunnel construction and implement the requirements for project management standardization, the design and acceptance criteria of the formwork trolleys are unified. It is required that the tunnel lining formwork trolley adopts a unified structural form and processing technical standard, and is accepted and accepted according to the same […]

Main structure of tunnel lining trolley template

The tunnel lining trolley template (hereinafter referred to as the trolley) is mainly composed of the following ten parts: formwork, table beam, gantry, bottom longitudinal beam, walking mechanism, translation mechanism, support system, 8, electrical system, hydraulic system, accessories Wait for ten parts. 1. Template: The template is divided into: a top mold and two side […]