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What are the commonly used mechanical equipment for tunnel construction

Now, the degree of mechanization of tunnel construction is relatively high. Generally speaking, in addition to understanding the configuration principles of tunnel construction, the following equipment will be used in the construction process: concrete mixing plant, concrete transport truck, concrete pump, generator set, Large-capacity transformers, high-lift pumps, constant-pressure water supply equipment, large electric air compressors, […]

What are the technical standards for tunnel lining

During the construction of the tunnel lining, the midline, elevation, section and clearance dimensions shall meet the design requirements. The standards, specifications and requirements of the lining materials shall comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Railways’ current “Railway Tunnel Design Regulations”. 1. The lining shall not invade the boundary of the tunnel construction. […]

Principles of Tunnel Construction Equipment Configuration

The mechanized construction of the tunnel has experienced three stages: small equipment drilling and blasting construction, large trackless transportation equipment drilling and blasting construction, and non-drilling and blasting construction. Part of the mechanized operation is gradually embarked on a process of comprehensive mechanized operation. From manual excavation to the use of TBM (tunnel boring machine), […]

Six methods of tunnel construction

In the current tunnel construction practice, considering the construction cost and construction speed, the selection sequence of the construction method is: full-section method one→bench method→circular excavation method with core soil method→intermediate wall method (CD method)→cross middle wall method (CRD method)→Double-side-side pilot pit method is considered from the perspective of construction safety, and the order of […]

Construction technology of special grouting machine with mould for tunnel lining

Tunnel lining special grouting machine vault with mold grouting construction technology is to open a hole on the top of the lining trolley, and then set the RPC grouting pipe on the vault. After the lining is finished, the grouting integrated machine with mold High pressure injects micro-expansion mortar to treat vault voids, ensure the […]

Detailed description of each component of the lining trolley

Lining trolley generally consists of template assembly, bracket assembly, translation mechanism, mast assembly, master-slave travel mechanism, lateral hydraulic cylinders, lateral support jacks, bracket support jacks, and gantry support jacks. 1. Template assembly The template consists of 1~2 top molds and 2~4 side molds to form a cross section. The top mold and the top mold […]

What are the secondary lining standards for tunnels?

The secondary lining is a moulded concrete or reinforced concrete lining applied on the inner side of the initial support during the tunnel construction, and it forms a composite lining with the initial support. Relatively speaking, the secondary lining and the initial support refer to the inner lining constructed with concrete and other materials under […]

What are the steel reinforcement installation requirements of the tunnel lining trolley?

Tunnel trolley is a relatively common product on highways. The installation of tunnel lining trolleys is relatively complicated. First, choose the installation location, and then install the walking wheel frame assembly, various accessories, accessories and systems. And so on, but the installation of steel bars is more important in the entire installation and use process, […]

Introduction to the Structural Features of Tunnel Lining Trolley

The tunnel lining jumbo has low cost, high construction efficiency and good effect. It is mainly used in the construction of highways and various tunnels. Tunnel lining trolleys mainly include simple lining trolleys, fully hydraulic automatic walking lining trolleys and net-frame lining trolleys. Full hydraulic lining trolley can be divided into side-top arch type, full […]

What are the operating procedures and precautions for tunnel lining trolleys?

During the secondary lining construction of the tunnel, the tunnel lining trolley is an indispensable professional equipment. The tunnel lining jumbo is generally designed as a steel arch type, which is mainly used in the construction of medium and long tunnels to improve construction efficiency. Then, in the actual operation process, what are the operating […]