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Installation of tunnel lining trolley, specific steps are introduced

The tunnel lining trolley is a special equipment that must be used in the secondary lining of the tunnel construction process, and is used for the concrete lining construction of the inner wall of the tunnel. Tunnel lining trolleys are widely used in the construction of various highways, railway tunnels and underground caverns due to […]

Introduction of tunnel construction method

Attention should be paid to the following points when excavating steps: With the implementation of information technology, the impact of tunnel construction on the surrounding environment has been minimized, and the construction efficiency has been greatly improved. Various integrated pipeline corridors, subway tunnels, and highway tunnels are constructed everywhere. It can be seen that, especially […]

What are the tunnel construction process?

Tunnel construction is a common underground excavation construction method. The quality of tunnel construction generally depends on the quality of the workmanship. That is to say, the quality of excavation, initial support, and waterproof and drainage must be mastered in the process of tunnel construction. Only after the quality of these processes can we guarantee […]

Introduction of the integrated grouting machine for tunnel lining

Tunnel lining grouting machine is a special grouting machine for tunnel lining, also known as vault belt mould grouting machine, tunnel grouting machine, mainly used for tunnel lining trolley vault belt mould grouting construction. Mixing, pulping, stocking, grouting, automatic printing flow and pressure, etc. are integrated into one. With the addition of touch screen function, […]

Self-propelled hydraulic inverting bridge formwork construction steps

The self-propelled hydraulic inverting bridge formwork adopts mechatronics and hydraulic integration design, equipped with multi-functional automatic walking device, front support, rear lateral movement mechanism, hydraulic self-balancing system, which can realize automatic vertical movement, rise and fall, and automatic horizontal movement, with a high degree of automation , Can adapt to a variety of construction work […]

What are the key points for tunnel lining quality control?

Tunnel lining plays an important role in the support of tunnel engineering. It is to prevent deformation or collapse of surrounding rock. The permanent support structure built along the periphery of the tunnel body requires quality control of four major links in actual construction. Look down. 1. Construction of tunnel lining (1) The secondary lining […]

What are the factors affecting the tunnel lining concrete?

Introduction As the development of road traffic brings rapid economic development, the construction of roads and tunnels is becoming more and more common. Under normal circumstances, during the tunnel lining construction, concrete often has problems and defects such as leaking bars, pitting and cracks. Although it has no direct impact on the actual use of […]

Treatment and prevention of tunnel lining concrete defects

In the process of tunnel lining construction, commercial concrete often has several common defects such as open bars, honeycomb, pitted surfaces, cracks, staggers, and sand lines. Although these defects do not affect the internal quality and use of the structure, they are often The appearance of, seriously damaged the appearance of the lining and also […]

Construction Technical Index of Hydraulic Inverting Bridge Formwork

Hydraulic inverting bridge formwork is one of the main components of the tunnel structure, it is the foundation of the tunnel structure. On the one hand, it is necessary to effectively transmit the formation pressure of the upper part of the tunnel to the underground through the tunnel side wall structure or the load on […]

What are the technical requirements for tunnel structure design?

The tunnel structure is an important part of the underground building structure, and its structural form can be selected according to the type of the ground floor, the use function and the construction technology level. Its structure mainly includes semi-lining structure, thick arch thin wall lining structure, straight wall arch lining structure, composite lining structure […]