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GaoFei Introduction

Luoyang Gaofei Bridge and Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang, the originator of China’s bridge and tunnel industry. It is led by technical elites from the former China Tunnel Group, tunnel industry experts and a professional marketing team. It is a company integrating import and export business, construction labor services, bridge and tunnel services. Engineering subcontracting business, a modern enterprise integrating the production, research and development, sales, installation, maintenance and technical services of bridges and tunnels, construction machinery, hydraulic equipment and accessories.

The company’s main products include intelligent automatic pouring lining trolleys, mastless lining trolleys, automatic waterproof panel trolleys, self-propelled inverted arch trestles, ditch cable trough trolleys, constant temperature and humidity spray maintenance trolleys, multi-functional arch The series of rack-mounting trolleys, single-line steering platforms, various special-shaped formwork and shield machine accessories are necessary for tunnel construction, a strong guarantee for the tunnel construction process, and a necessary link to strengthen the industrial chain. The company focuses on many fields such as tunnels and bridges for railways (including passenger dedicated lines), highways, urban rails, water conservancy and hydropower, municipal administration, military special engineering construction projects, etc., and can design and manufacture specialized products with specific specifications according to customer needs. It has successively become partners with China Railway, China Railway Construction, China Power Construction, China Communications Construction, China State Construction, China Water Conservancy and Hydropower, China Railway Equipment, Zhongzhi Group, Gezhouba Group, etc.

The company has two installation and commissioning centers, and has completed the construction of a provincial-level scientific research platform – the Henan Lining Trolley Intelligent Complete Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, as well as the Bridge and Tunnel Intelligent Equipment Research Institute, the Bridge and Tunnel Trolley Engineering Technology Research Center, and the Tunnel Trolley Enterprise R&D center, municipal industrial design center, domestic and foreign import and export circulation business platform, etc., the comprehensive strength is at the forefront of its peers.

The company has more than 40 intermediate and senior professional and technical personnel, more than 50 management and marketing personnel, and more than 150 technical workers and after-sales service personnel. Currently, it has obtained 3 invention patents and more than 110 utility model patents. The company has been awarded the fourth batch of national “little giant” enterprises that specialize in specialization, a member unit of the China Small and Medium Enterprises Association, a director of the Henan Hongqi Canal Industrial Innovation and Development Research Association, a member unit of the Henan Province Equipment Manufacturing Association, and a member unit of the Henan Province Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprises. “Specialized, Specialized and New” small and medium-sized enterprises in Henan Province, “Specialized, Specialized and New” small and medium-sized enterprises in Luoyang City, Vice President Unit of Luoyang Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Association, Vice President Unit of Luoyang Bridge and Tunnel Complete Equipment Industry Association, Luoyang General Equipment Manufacturing It has more than 30 honors including Vice Chairman Unit of Industrial Intellectual Property Alliance, Chairman Unit of Luoyang Xigong District Intelligent Manufacturing Intellectual Property Alliance, Triple-A Credibility Unit, Integrity Creation Enterprise, Military Industry Certification Enterprise, and Outstanding Private Enterprise of the Year.

At present, the company’s market has spread to more than ten countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Africa, and 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country. In the future, Gaofei will be based in China and go global, making management more standardized, products more diversified, technology more advanced, and services more complete. It will surely become the leader and leader in the bridge and tunnel industry. We will increase scientific research and development, For the enterprise, the industry, the bridge and tunnel industry, and the travel welfare of people all over the world, we spare no effort to build the Goofy brand, shoulder the backbone of China, compose national pride, and create one Goofy miracle after another.

860.38 million ¥

Output value

1,168,100 ¥

Profit from principal operations

1.846 million ¥

Tax amount

AAA level

Credit unit

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Market segment achievement

The company specializes in tunnels, bridges, subways, highways, passengers, hydropower and other fields, and can design and manufacture special-purpose and special-shaped products according to customer needs. At present, the domestic market share is 3-5%, and the market share is constantly expanding. It is planned to increase the international market share from 0.1% to 1% in 2019.
According to the customer’s needs, the company’s self-developed self-propelled inverted arch bridge, steel waterproof board trolley, and ditch cable tray trolley have been successful, and have received unanimous favorable comments from customers. The company attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, and has obtained more than 50 utility models and invention patents.

Gao Fei’s future

Development plan

In the next three to five years, the company will achieve an annual output value of 500 million yuan, in the main business, profits, taxation and other aspects than the 2018 turn over; the utility model and invention patents must achieve 100 items; Henan high-tech enterprises, Luoyang science and technology small giant enterprises and other goals; production must be from technical to intelligent, and gradually realize the robotic arm to replace labor.
In the field of inverted arch bridges, we will strive to catch up with domestic first-class enterprises and expand our market share; we will continue to independently research and develop existing functions in automatic waterproof board trolleys, continue to lead the market and strive for market share of over 40%; constant temperature and humidity maintenance trolleys The research and development has been at the forefront of the industry, but the market has not yet been fully formed. Accelerating market advancement is the goal of the past two years; non-framework lining trolleys are among the leading companies in the industry. Our company will learn from each other and strive to fill in short time. Self-market vacancies; single-line steering platform needs to be strengthened due to the integration of existing tunnel construction technology and steering platform. It is a near-term goal to continue to accelerate research and development and collect market recommendations; mold-casting trolleys and automatic pouring shunts are the next one. During the year, the company’s new R&D products have been sold for more than two years. We will quickly grasp the good market opportunities and maximize the market share in the future; A leap in the industry is also a breakthrough and pilot for the gradual transformation of future products, grasping the advantages of channels and collecting Test, for early results.

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Gaofei Corporate Culture

Enterprise mission: Crossing the sky, building a tunnel, interconnecting the world, reaching the way

Corporate vision: Industry leading International well-known

Core values: loyalty and dedication

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Production cycle

The content covers:
1. Production supporting processing equipment;
2. The situation of trolley processing personnel;
3. Production schedule;
4. Quality assurance;
5. Transportation and delivery

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