Company culture


  • Enterprise mission:

    Build a tunnel bridge across the sky
    Connected to the world

  • Corporate vision

    Industry leading International well-known

  • Core values

    Loyalty and dedication

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    Rigorous refinement, innovation and efficiency

  • Business philosophy

    Achievement partners, win-win future

  • Management philosophy

    Three-oriented innovation Driven by innovation

    (institutionalization, standardization, marketization)

  • Safety concept

    Safety is the cornerstone of benefits. Hidden dangers are the root cause of accidents.

Interpretation of corporate culture concept:
Enterprise mission: spanning the sky, building a tunnel, interconnecting the world, reaching the way
Interpretation: Overlooking the world, the roads for people to pursue a better life are sloping and sloping. As a tunnel bridge person, Luoyang Gaofei Bridge Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. takes the heroic spirit of Tianzhu into a thorough journey, and takes the interconnected world as its own duty. It shares the same fate and mission with the tunnel bridge business. For the motherland, the courage to cross the border and open the way for the happiness of the people.

Corporate vision: industry leading internationally renowned
Interpretation: aiming at the forefront of the industry with a global vision, seize the commanding heights of the industry, expand the domestic and international markets, and create an internationally renowned enterprise with advanced culture, clear strategy, scientific management, outstanding core competitiveness and 100-year-old.

Core values: loyalty, dedication, dedication, responsibility
Interpretation: Employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders are the community of interests and the community of destiny. Mutual loyalty, only trust and solidarity, united struggle can grow together, the company can grow bigger and stronger for a long time; focus on responsibility in mutual cooperation, courage to take responsibility. The performance is to stop the problem until now, instead of avoiding the problem of pushing and dragging, not to solve the old problem and bring new problems, not to solve the problem that brings the problem, not to go straight to the goal and bring trouble to others. The problem is that Gaofeiqiao Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. solves the problem of tunnel bridge construction without problems. The courage to constantly set higher goals for themselves, to take the company’s goal is to take responsibility; to achieve the goal of self-driven initiative is to take responsibility; not afraid of difficulties and fear of competition to eliminate all difficulties to win is the responsibility; face to resolve the company’s problems and security risks is It is the responsibility of the high standards of work and strict requirements; the work of taking the stone to keep the iron and scratching the work is the responsibility; the consequences for the words and deeds are the responsibility; the mistakes and inactions do not find excuses to find reasons. The premise of taking responsibility is to have the ability to solve problems constantly and constantly surpass yourself. Dedication means creating shared results together. The company creates a united, warm and friendly family. Employees cherish the platform of the company, take the company as a business, take the job as a career, take care of the overall situation, work hard and create a better life together.

Entrepreneurial spirit: rigorous refinement, innovation, efficiency
Interpretation: rigorously strive for excellence in products and services to reassure customers and society; innovation and efficiency are the source and life of the company’s core competitiveness. It is difficult to achieve consensus, bitterness, cooperation, and win in unity. Efficiently, it comes from brainstorming and working together.

Business philosophy: achievement partners, win-win future
Interpretation: to solve problems for customers, to reassure customers; to think for employees, to lead the development of employees; the company regards employees, customers, suppliers as partners, mutual achievement, and win-win future.

Management philosophy: three-oriented innovation-driven (institutionalized and standardized marketization)
Interpretation: “Institutionalization” is the foundation, “standardization” is the guarantee, “marketization” is the core, “innovation” is the driving force, “three transformations” organic integration, stimulating the management of endogenous power, activating the vitality of resource elements, and continuously improving the core of the company. Competitiveness.

Safety concept: safety is the cornerstone of benefits. Hidden dangers are the root cause of accidents.
Interpretation: Caring for employees and letting employees develop safely is an important mission of the company; lack of safety awareness, lack of knowledge of safety common sense, hidden dangers of environmental hazards are the root cause of accidents, troubleshooting and identifying hidden dangers are the common responsibility of employees and companies; Production has the preconditions and guarantees of safety, and the benefits have a foundation.