Production cycle


1. Production supporting processing equipment:

No. Model Product Categories Material Size Unit of measurement Delivery cycle Supply Capacity
(can be based on days/weeks/months/quarters/years)
1 Single-track railway lining trolley Tunnel lining formwork Steel structure 12m、9m、6m、4+4m、6+6m and so on Ton 30 to 35 days 15,000 tons / year
2 Double-track railway lining trolley Ton
3 Two-lane highway lining trolley Ton
4 Three-lane highway lining trolley Ton
5 Pipeline municipal lining trolley Ton
6 Water conservancy and hydropower lining trolley Ton
7 Subway lining trolley Ton
8 Tunnel waterproof board laying formwork Tunnel waterproof board laying formwork 6.8m、6mand so on Set
9 Wheeled  Hydraulic inverting bridge formwork Hydraulic inverting bridge formwork 16m、24m、 Ton
Crawler Hydraulic inverting bridge formwork Ton
10 Tunnel formwork channel Tunnel formwork channel 12m Set
11 Tunnel concrete maintenance formwork Tunnel concrete maintenance formwork Set
12  travel system Tunnel equipment accessories
13 Hydraulic system
14 Hydraulic cylinder
15 Screw
16 Electric motor
17 reducer
18 Lining trolley plug steel template Tunnel lining trolley accessories
19 Concrete diversion groove
20 Automatic Concrete Distribution Device
21 Grouting with mold

2.Production cycle:

1. Personnel:
Precision core parts processing: 24 machining people, 8 fitters, 15 electric welders, 4 electricians, single production and processing points: 10 template processing mechanical fitters, 20 electric welders, 10 main body processing mechanical fitters, 15 welders and 4 painters
2, personnel quality:
Senior Technician: 2 people
Technician: 6 people
College graduates (3 to 5 years of graduation): 5 people
The rest of the technical schools graduated with intermediate-level work qualifications and all achieved certification.

3. Production schedule:

The production capacity for a single production processing point is as follows:
Consider a lining trolley:
1) Design for 1 day.
2) Processing time is 15 days, if two lining trolleys are made at the same time, the time is 25 days.
3) Transport for 3 days.

4.quality assurance:

Our company has established a quality assurance system in accordance with the requirements of GB/T19001:2000, and has passed the certification of China New Age Quality Certification Center. It is currently operating effectively to ensure that qualified products and satisfactory services are provided to customers.
1) Management of external purchases and equipment.
a. The main material suppliers are all large and medium-sized enterprises in the country, mainly including: Jiuquan Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Angang, Kunming Steel.
b. Power configuration: Motor: Shijiazhuang Zhongwei Motor Group, Anhui Weinan Motor Factory.
c. Bearing: Luoyang Bearing Factory.
d. Electrical appliances: China People’s Electric Co., Ltd.
e. Hydraulic: Luoyang City Leader Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd.
f. All purchased equipment and materials have product certification, and must be inspected at the factory and provide relevant information to the customizer.
2. Quality inspection.
a. Standard: template lining trolley manufacturing standards and contractual standards.
b. Responsible department: Quality Management Department.
c. Quality inspection system: implement self-inspection of processing personnel, mutual inspection of work shifts, special inspection by workshop quality inspectors, and sampling inspection by quality control department.
d. Quality assurance of the processing process: The responsible person of each component must fill in the “Quality Inspection Card” as it is, reflecting the inspection of each process such as blanking, spot welding, repairing, and welding, and the squad leader shall bear the overall responsibility for the production. A check box must be filled in. Sign the self-test content. Each quality inspector must inspect each process and sign an opinion. The quality inspection results of the quality control department are also included in the “Quality Inspection Card”.
e. After passing the final inspection before leaving the factory, sign the product qualification form before delivery.

5. Transportation and delivery:

1) Product list: Each part is marked with the part code, which corresponds to the loading list. The standard parts, seal heads and other small parts are packed separately. The box has the part number and seal.
2) Mode of transport: transport by car.
3) Transportation management:

  • Each car has a list of the car’s loading.
  •  The number of parts in all car loading lists must match the total loading list.
  •  After being transported to the construction site, the bicycle inventory will be carried out, that is, one car and one car will be used to count the parts, so that after all the unloading, the stacking can not be counted.
  • When the bicycle is invented, it is only necessary to point the part number on each part, and it is not necessary to customize the parts one by one.
  •  For the parts with seals and seals, when the contractor’s after-sales service personnel has not arrived, it is strictly forbidden to unpack and unpack the box. Otherwise, the contractor is not responsible.
  • After the completion of each car point, the custom-made person can final check and verify whether the total loading list is correct, and the delivery is completed after signing.