Tunnel construction equipment includes: tunnel lining trolley, traveling system, hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinder, electric motor, worm gear reducer, etc .;

The walking system can make the lining trolley walk on its own without external equipment to tow or push. It can quickly move the trolley to the designated position, with good maneuverability and high movement accuracy, thereby greatly improving work efficiency.

The hydraulic system of the lining trolley is composed of a hydraulic pump station, a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic oil tank, and a control oil circuit.

The hydraulic cylinder mainly controls the lifting, translation and contraction of the lining trolley to complete the vertical mold and demolding of the trolley.

The electric motor generates driving torque. As a power source for electrical appliances or various machinery, its main function is to use mechanical energy to convert it into electrical energy to provide power for the tunnel lining trolley.

The worm gear reducer increases the output torque while reducing the speed; and reduces the load inertia at the same time. The reduction of the inertia is the square of the reduction ratio.