The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

Tunnel concrete maintenance formwork performance

The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork independently developed by our company is mainly composed of work bench, high pressure spray health system, water tank bottom beam and electric walking system.


Tunnel lining is generally treated by natural curing or water spray curing. It is greatly affected by the external environment and human factors, and it is difficult to achieve good curing effect. Tunnel concrete maintenance formwork is a special curing equipment developed to solve the maintenance difficulties. The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork independently developed by our company effectively solves the problem that the tunnel section is tubular, the inner wall is not easy to be wet, and the health is difficult, which greatly improves the tunnel construction progress and work efficiency. The maintenance trolley has obtained national invention patents and a number of new patents, and has been widely used in many major projects across the country, and has been well received by customers.


  1. The formwork is convenient in operation, more practical and has strong advanced and practical.
  2. The equipment has high automation degree, good sealing effect, strong adaptability of tunnel section and simple operation.
  3. To ensure the strength and durability of the second lining concrete, 砼 good appearance quality, saving labor and water costs.
  4. Operability, wide application, fast speed, avoiding the risk of working at height.
  5. The trolley is designed with a construction work platform and can be used as a tunnel repairing trolley at the same time, which is convenient and quick.
  6. The high-pressure spray curing system is sprayed with water mist, which can achieve uniform and appropriate multiple spraying functions, which can effectively prevent stagnant water from flowing along the concrete. Water mist spraying not only saves water resources, but also enables the second-lining concrete to continue. Keep moist and fully cured.


Tunnel concrete maintenance formwork instructions

The narrow space and limited space in the tunnel make it difficult to assemble the trolley. In order to ensure the safety of the concrete and mechanical construction of the tunnel concrete maintenance formwork, it is necessary to carefully follow the implementation.

First, the general requirements

1. All construction personnel must wear safety helmets, fasten seat belts at high altitudes, and use personal labor protection products correctly.
2, it is forbidden to wear slippers, hard bottom slip shoes, high heels, bare feet to enter the scene to participate in the operation.
3. The safety distance of oxygen and acetylene bottles on site is not less than 5 meters, the distance from open flame is not less than 10m, and rubber shockproof gasket is set. Before the operation, it is necessary to remove the flammable and combustible materials in the working site, prepare the fire extinguisher, and designate the person to take care of it.
4, on-site electricity must meet the three-level distribution two-level protection requirements, adhere to the “one machine, one gate, one box, one leak”; equipment failure (electrical) is handled by the electrician, the cable is prohibited from winding on the steel components of the steel bar or trolley Other personnel shall not be tampering to prevent electric shock accidents. Non-electrician personnel are strictly prohibited from performing electrical work.
5, special types of work, such as mechanical drivers, electricians, welders, gas (cutting) welders, etc. must be certified.
6. It is forbidden to work fatigued and sick, and it is strictly forbidden to work after drinking.
7. In the assembly work in the cave, there must be sufficient lighting, and a 36V safety voltage or flashlight should be used when working near the person.
8. During the disassembly and assembly process of The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork, a special person must be assigned to carry out the operation. When the line of sight is not visible, it is necessary to increase the number of people to cooperate with the command.
9. Assembled workers must have certain installation work experience, strong body and quick movements, and must not stand in a dead end position.

Second, the specific requirements

1. The base surface of the tunnel concrete maintenance formwork should be solid and flat. It is strictly forbidden to be soft on one side; the top surface of the track should be on the same plane, and the track pitch is consistent with the wheel distance of the platform.
2, the material used in the high-altitude operation, the application of the rope tied firmly, small materials should be installed in the tool bag for lifting, and placed in a firm place, to prevent falling and hurt, it is strictly prohibited to throw.
3, disassembly and assembly must be set up by a special person, and the crane driver should coordinate and cooperate to achieve steady, steady, stable position. Work should be fixed with the support.
4. The anchor used for lifting must be crossed and used for tensile testing. Attention must be paid during use to prevent the anchor from loosening. Make sure the wire rope is securely connected before lifting.
5, during the installation process, no intermittent, bolts, tie rods, etc. must be installed firmly and integrated, the operator can leave. When suspending the work, it is necessary to check to confirm that the template, the stay and the connecting piece are stable before leaving the scene.
6. The use of wire rope and retaining ring shall be used according to the factory specifications. The wire rope without specification shall be qualified before being tested for tensile strength. Allowable bearing capacity of wire rope = diameter (mm) × diameter (mm) × 4.5 (kg)
7. The wire breakage standard and wear of the wire rope shall comply with the specified requirements. When lifting heavy structures or major components, new wire ropes should be used.
8. The wire rope is forbidden to touch the charged metal (including wires and welding tongs) to prevent burnout.
9, the chain hoist must be hung to prevent decoupling bruises, bruises.
10. The site where the template is installed and stored must be flat and solid, and no water should be accumulated. When storing, the stacking should be stable and the standing should be supported firmly. Do not stack materials on the wall at will.
11. The operating part of the trolley should be covered with 5cm thick wooden boards. Safety nets should be installed at the ends and below to prevent workers and debris from falling at high altitude. A striking reflective strip is placed at both ends of the trolley.
12. After the formwork is assembled, the connecting screws should be inspected and tightened one by one, and the template joints should be ground. After passing the inspection by the manufacturer and the equipment management department, they can be put into use.