Walking system

Lining trolley walking system and steel formwork trolleys after the demoulding, first close the gantry support jack, then tighten the gantry to support the jack, start the walking motor to walk.

Lining trolley walking system

The lining trolley is self-propelled and does not require external equipment to be towed or pushed. The trolley can be quickly moved to a set position, and the mobility is good and the movement accuracy is high, thereby greatly improving work efficiency.

Lining trolley walking system parameters

Height: 525mm; customizable

Connection hole: (80+80+80+80+80)*400; 12-Φ22mm

Motor power: 7.5KW

Walking system structure

The lining trolley walking system includes a motor, a belt motor, and a traveling wheel. The motor is connected with the transmission shaft of the country and the belt motor. The belt motor drives the traveling wheel to rotate through the belt, and the two traveling wheels are fixed by a connecting plate to drive the trolley forward or Move backwards.

Precautions when lining trolleys are walking

  1. The lining trolley must be completely stationary before it can be reversing.
  2. When the slope of the rail is too large, and the trolley is slipping, you can sprinkle some dry sand onto the rail surface to increase the adhesion and make the slip phenomenon disappear.