The betonierwagen is mainly used to realize concrete layer-by-window pouring. It does not require manual pipe removal, takeover, pipe change and cleaning. It can be layered and poured with only two operators. Reduce the number of workers and reduce labor intensity.

Betonierwagen structure

The automatic cloth system mainly consists of a cloth trolley, a pipe system, a telescopic rotating device, and a positioning device.

Betonierwagen operating instructions

The concrete of the external wall is poured, the concrete tanker is unloaded, and the pump is started to start pouring. The cloth trolley can be longitudinally shifted and displaced, and the left and right swings and splits up and down and up and down. In conjunction with the piping system, the concrete is automatically diverted to the required window and the vault, and the side molds are successively poured from left to right from bottom to top, and each layer of the pipeline is cleaned and closed after being poured.

Betonierwagen features

(1) It is not necessary to manually dismantle, change, clean, take over and fix, etc. Only one operator can easily operate the control components to realize the transformation of different positions of the pumping interface, realize mechanized construction, and the operation is simple and quick. Less, less time consuming;

(2) The layered arrangement of pipelines realizes layered pouring, which overcomes the disadvantages of segregation of concrete and the creation of “human” slope cold seams. The pipeline runs directly from the feed port to the discharge port, and there is no intermediate operation link, which is simple and easy;

(3) The pipelines are all closed, no leakage of concrete, resulting in material waste and on-site pollution; pressure delivery can be realized, easy to clean; layered pouring and replacement of tubes takes less time and will not cause concrete slump loss. Block the pipe and affect the quality of the pouring;

There is less concrete in the part of the pipe change, which will not cause waste and pollution on site;

(4) The concrete layered pouring machine effectively improves the physical quality and appearance quality of the two-liner concrete pouring, reduces the pipe changing construction process, reduces the labor intensity, reduces the operator, saves the pouring time and improves the efficiency. Construction costs and safety risks.