Hydraulic system

The lining trolley hydraulic system is the power source for the trolley to complete the vertical mold and demoulding work. Except for the trolley travel, the rest of the movements are controlled by the Hydraulic system.

Lining trolley hydraulic system structure

The hydraulic system of the lining trolley consists of a hydraulic pumping station, a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic oil tank, and a control oil passage.


Lining trolley hydraulic system technical features

1) Using the electromagnetic reversing valve to reverse the direction, all the actions of the lining trolley are controlled by buttons. The push-button control allows all hydraulic cylinders to be synchronized and to achieve a single hydraulic cylinder adjustment with a high degree of automation.

2) The vertical hydraulic cylinder and the horizontal hydraulic cylinder adopt a two-way hydraulic lock, which can make the piston quick, stable, reliable and long when the vertical hydraulic cylinder and the horizontal hydraulic cylinder stop working or when the failure occurs and the system pressure suddenly drops. Time is locked, not moved by external force, accurately keeps the template in a predetermined position, avoiding the vertical hydraulic cylinder being retracted due to the weight of the template, and the horizontal hydraulic cylinder is displaced by the external force, thus ensuring the safety of the lining trolley. reliability.

3) The speed of each hydraulic cylinder is controlled by the on-off combination of the electromagnetic reversing valve. The button jog controls the electromagnetic reversing valve to conveniently complete the speed control of each cylinder, without flow valve and energy loss due to throttling and system heating.

4) By setting the oil return filter, the cleanliness of the oil can be improved, and the pollution and the resulting malfunction can be reduced.

Daily maintenance of the lining trolley Hydraulic system

1)During use, please pay attention to whether the oil pipe and valve body are leaking oil. If oil leakage is found, it should be treated in time.

2)Always check the height of the oil level in the mailbox. When the height is lower than the required height, the hydraulic oil should be replenished in time.

3) During use, pay attention to whether the hydraulic pump works normally and whether the hydraulic cylinder has leakage. If abnormality is found, the power switch should be cut off to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.