Hydraulic inverting bridge formwork

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Hydraulic inverting bridge formwork solves the problems of inconvenient, poor adaptability, low efficiency and low safety protection facilities in the case of the harsh environment of the tunnel. The utility model mainly comprises a main bridge, a front slope bridge, a back slope bridge, a ramp board, a front leg, a rear leg, a traveling mechanism disposed on both sides of the main bridge, a hydraulic control mechanism and a lifting mechanism; the main bridge is composed of two A modular truss type longitudinal beam, a beam, a deck, a first connecting steel plate and a second connecting steel plate, wherein two truss longitudinal beams are arranged in parallel, and the truss longitudinal beam is a segment composed of welded steel The structure is connected by a first connecting steel plate and a second connecting steel plate, and a cross beam is connected between the two truss longitudinal beams, and the bridge deck is laid at intervals along the truss longitudinal beam. The surface of the beam is distributed in the same direction as the truss stringer.

Hydraulic inverting bridge formwork The technical construction of the main bridge is also to ensure the structural strength of the main bridge. The preferred embodiment is to use H-shaped steel for the welding of steel and beams. In order to facilitate the rotation of the front and rear slope bridges, the connection between the front slope bridge, the rear slope bridge and the main bridge is assembled by a pin, and the pin is inserted into the pin hole of the slope bridge pin seat and the end beam pin seat.