Tunnel lining concrete grouting device

The main function of the tunnel lining concrete grouting device is to transport the concrete through the pressure of the high-pressure concrete conveying bin. The concrete is transported by the overhead concrete pump through the re-pressurized convection pipe, and the concrete is poured from the bottom to the top.

Tunnel lining concrete grouting device structure

The concrete diversion pipe installation of the tunnel lining trolley is mainly composed of 15 parts, as follows:

(1) lining trolley frame body;

(2) overhead concrete pump;

(3) High-pressure concrete conveying warehouse;

(4) template;

(5) Pressure conveying pipeline;

(6) working window;

(7) Central hopper;

(8) upper partial flow pipe;

(9) a lower partial flow pipe;

(10) active valve pipe connection;

(11) top pipe diversion;

(12) The top middle pipe is diverted;

(13) transverse pressure conveying pipeline;

(14) transverse pressure nozzle;

(15) Top pressure delivery pipe.



Advantages of  tunnel lining concrete grouting device

  1. It can greatly reduce the use of high-altitude workers, speed up the construction progress and improve the quality of construction.
  2. The structure is simple and reasonable design, through the combination of funnel, pipeline and chute to reduce manual pipe replacement.
  3. The shunt switch is easy to operate by using the ram type, which avoids the phenomenon of concrete segregation, herringbone slope, cold seam, oil mark and honeycomb pockmark caused by one tube in the past casting process.