Congratulations on the opening of Gaofei Group!

On November 5th, 2019, the sky was clear, the sun was shining, the Gaofei Group, and the sword was five years old. Gaofei team, from nothing to small, from small to large, from accessories to complete sets, from single to multiple, one after another experience, a field relocation, five years of wind and rain, witness the footprints, the growth of the bumps, every move is once Metamorphosis, every time it is opened is a nirvana.

Office building




New environment, new image, new thinking, new weather. Xingaofei is located near the airport of Xigong District, Luoyang City, close to the airport road, with convenient transportation. It has an annual output of 300 sets of bridge and tunnel complete sets of equipment, covering an area of ​​more than 60 acres. It has an integrated office building, an installation and commissioning center, and a blanking. Workshop, a CNC workshop, a research and development workshop, a welding workshop, a finishing workshop, a bridge and tunnel intelligent equipment research institute, a bridge tunnel vehicle engineering technology research center, a tunnel trolley enterprise R & D center, a supporting site equipment The facilities are complete, the employees’ production and living conditions are complete, and the Gaofei Group is carrying a sword across the horse with a brand-new attitude.




Gaofei Group, the constant is “we are professional bridge and tunnel equipment suppliers”; the constant is that “customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.” Stretching out your hands and working together for a win-win situation, we treat each customer with a sincere heart, open the heart and fortune as a cow, we treat everyone with a grateful heart. “Crossing the sky, passing the road” is the beginning of our step-by-step bridge tunnel. “The schematic diagram of the tunnel machinery and chemical assembly sleeve” explains our dream of dyeing the tunnel bridge. The initial intention is not changed, and the Gaofei people will improve their travel with a broader mind. To benefit the society with greater enthusiasm.




Today’s Gaofei Group is full of heroic spirits, stretches out its hands, smiles and welcomes friends from all over the world. The future Gaofei Group will be based in China and look to the world to make our products more diversified, more advanced in technology and more perfect in service. We will spare no effort to increase scientific and technological research and development, for the enterprise, for the industry, for the bridge and tunnel cause of the world, for the well-being of the world, to build a high-flying brand, shoulder the backbone of the Chinese, and write national pride.

We are continually working on it······