Gaofei Qiao Tunnel Spring Festival Holiday Notice

About “Spring Festival Holiday Arrangement in 2020”

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To: Dear Customers


Thank you very much for your long-term attention and support to our company. At the coming of the new year 2020, Luoyang Gaofeiqiao Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. wishes our customers and the Chinese people a happy Chinese New Year!

Our Spring Festival holiday is scheduled to start on January 20, 2020 (December 26th of the lunar calendar) and end on January 29, 2020 (the fifth day of the first lunar month), and start on January 30, 2020 (the sixth day of the first lunar month) I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Congratulations once again to our customers and people across the country for their smooth work, good health and a happy Chinese New Year! Special thanks for your support and understanding.
Thank you!

Luoyang Gaofeiqiao Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd.
January 19, 2010

Gaofei Qiao Tunnel Annual Promotion Video 2020

In 2019, we spared no effort to chase the established goals and successfully completed the first five-year plan. Looking back on this year, we have vivid memories and fresh memories.

In 2019, Henan Gaofei Machinery Equipment Group Co., Ltd. was established. Since then, Luoyang Gaofei has a new look. The transformation of the Gaofei Bridge tunnel to the Gaofei Group is a rebirth after a nirvana and a cocoon into a butterfly after a storm It is the general trend, logical, and a milestone in the history of Goofy.

In 2019, with the joint efforts of all of us, we moved to a new location. Since then, we have a more standard and spacious factory building, and we have a brighter and brighter office building. We are working harder and working harder.

2019 is the year of “Quality Year”, “Reshaping Customer Image Year” and “A Year of Transformation from Extensive Management to Standardization and Institutionalization”. This year, we continued to innovate and make great strides forward.

2019 is a year in which our product quality has improved by leaps and bounds, and a year in which our scientific research has “exploded”. This year, we cooperated with Professor Hu’s team at the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Central South University to actively carry out various product development and upgrades. This has significantly improved our product quality and equipment performance, and has received unanimous praise from our customers.

In 2019, we will continue to deepen reforms, seek benefits from management and the system, improve various related systems, improve various work processes, carry out different learning activities, enhance technical exchanges between industries, listen to customer feedback, and continuously self-check and correct. To escort the company’s formal development.

In 2019, our business is advancing rapidly and blooming everywhere. We have all newly opened domestic highways, railways, subways and other lines. We have participated in all major projects. At the same time, we have also expanded our international business, lining trolleys, waterproofing Pallet trolleys are exported to Indonesia; multi-section lining trolleys are exported to Saudi Arabia, etc., and contribute their own power to the Belt and Road Initiative advocated by the country.

In 2019, our business personnel traveled across five lakes and mountains, famous mountains and rivers, because there will be bridges when there are large rivers, and tunnels when there are mountains. In this way, the sheep intestines in the mountains have become highways and railways! This year, our after-sales personnel also traveled in all directions, all over the world, because with them, our equipment can operate better and link the great country of the motherland. This year, our workers and masters, fighting the extreme cold and extreme heat, have always fought on the front line of production. It is you who created the Gao Feiqiao Tunnel, and you have also achieved the Gao Fei brand.

2019 is also a year when our patents are “harvest.” In 2019, we won 1 invention patent, 13 utility model patents, and more than 20 patents in the process of application. These patents are a weapon for our market competition. It is our magic weapon to defeat the enemy.

2019 is a year in which we received significant rewards. In 2019, our “Luoyang Bridge and Tunnel Trolley Engineering Technology Research Center” award; “Henan Province Science and Technology Giant Cultivation Enterprise” award; our “Henan Province technology type” “Small and medium-sized enterprises” awards; invention patent awards, utility model patent awards, and these awards are the result of the continuous hard work of all of us.

2019 is also a year when our company has become more formal. Our company has become the vice president unit of Luoyang Bridge and Tunnel Complete Equipment Industry Association. In 2019, our company’s corporate credit rating was 3A. Our company also successfully passed the GJB9001C-2017 weapon. Equipment quality management system certification; GB / T 29490-2013 intellectual property management system certification; the company’s dual prevention system has been completed, and the annual environmental protection acceptance of 300 sets of bridge and tunnel complete equipment projects has been announced. Stronger evidence.

We are striding forward in 2019, and we are full of confidence in 2020. 2020 is the first year of our second five-year plan. In this year, we will pay close attention to quality, maintain safety, and comprehensively advance the standardization and standardization process; increase research and development, and focus on innovation Highlight humanity and differentiation, and further improve the core competitiveness of the product; continuously improve various rules and regulations, create a simple and smooth workflow, continue to increase 7S on-site management, people-oriented, and create a rigorous, efficient, tolerant and loving work environment for The company will continue to take off in 2020 to help fuel.

In 2020, Soaring Goofy will surely base itself on China and look globally, making our products more diversified, technology more advanced, and service more perfect. We will spare no effort to increase scientific and technological research and development, for the enterprise, for the industry, for the bridge and tunnel business of the whole world, for the travel and welfare of the people, build the Goofy brand, shoulder the backbone of China, and write national pride.

At the beginning of the new year of 2020, Huang Gaofei, Chairman of Luoyang Gaofeiqiao Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd., with all staff, wishes everyone from all walks of life, good work, good health, happy family and good luck!

Gaofei Qiao Tunnel New Year 2020 Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony

Singing resigned to the old year, dancing to celebrate the New Year, on January 117, 2020, the 23rd lunar month of the lunar calendar, Luoyang Gaofeiqiao Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. “2020 New Year’s Party and Awards Ceremony” was grandly held. Years are like songs, and Huaguang is like a dream; the past year is like water, and time is passing. The year 2019 that has just passed is a year of the company’s succession and success. The company is accompanied by hardships and harvests with sweat. In each busy day, we Don’t be afraid to challenge before you start! Singing resigned to the old year, dancing to celebrate the New Year, on January 117, 2020, the 23rd lunar month of the lunar calendar, Luoyang Gaofeiqiao Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. “2020 New Year’s Party and Awards Ceremony” was grandly held. Years are like songs, and Huaguang is like a dream; the past year is like water, and time is passing. The year 2019 that has just passed is a year of the company’s succession and success. The company is accompanied by hardships and harvests with sweat. In each busy day, we Don’t be afraid to challenge before you start!

The company’s leaders, all employees and their families, as well as customers and suppliers attended the event. At the meeting, the company’s chairman Huang Gaofei, general manager Cheng Chaoliang and manager Yang Xuan made annual detailed reports, reviewing the first five years. Climbing, struggling to start a business, all the way to Triumph, with sales of over 100 million, praised all employees for their hard work and high-spirited dedication, and planned the company’s second five-year plan and goals for the entire staff and society All circles conveyed strong development momentum and determination, and won applause and applause from the scene.

The conference began in our company with a group of young and energetic young girls. The modern dance “Born in the Daejeon” brought out that youthful appearance, cute face, light steps, uniform movements, all show youth Vitality and hope for the company’s future.

A “Sunshine Road” sang the magnificent blueprint of the Gaofeiqiao Tunnel, letting us feel the footsteps of the Gaofeiqiao Tunnel. We will face the rising sun, roll out colorful scrolls, and look forward to the future. Gorgeous chapter.

We have faith in our hearts, dreams ahead, down-to-earth, perseverance, and any difficulties can not stop the pace of progress. We will continue to innovate, surpass ourselves, and strive for excellence in the future! This is our consistent “Goofyman” self. Our three regional managers expressed the feeling of high flying in their minds by reading “Joining High Flying, Leading the Future”.

“Unity is strength” is the eternal subject of development. When we sing it, we are full of strength. This strength allows difficulties to recede and relieve tiredness. This strength allows us to hold our arms up, persevere, and work hard, in confidence. Creating the future will make our company endless and will be passed down from generation to generation.

Technology research and development is always at the core of enterprise development. The people in the technology department are those who dare to fight, drill, and public relations, dare to break through, and challenge themselves. The performance of the sketch “Thief Company” is easy and vivid.

We are the best supplier of complete tunnel equipment. Satisfying our customers is our ultimate goal. We take it as our responsibility to cross the heavens and build tunnel bridges. We are rigorous, efficient, tolerant, and loving. A hundred years of flying and having me all the way, interpretation of our company song-“Building Dreams Going High”! We are the best supplier of complete tunnel equipment. Satisfying our customers is our ultimate goal. We take it as our responsibility to cross the heavens and build tunnel bridges. We are rigorous, efficient, tolerant, and loving. A hundred years of flying and having me all the way, interpretation of our company song-“Building Dreams Going High”!

Youth is synonymous with surging blood, overflowing enthusiasm, hard work, and endless attempts. Youth is able to withstand but not wither away, and withstand development but cannot afford to splurge. A song “Wan” sang the voice of our frontline employees.Youth is synonymous with surging blood, overflowing enthusiasm, hard work, and endless attempts. Youth is able to withstand but not wither away, and withstand development but cannot afford to splurge. A song “Wan” sang the voice of our frontline employees.

We not only have songs, we also have operas. Operas are one of our famous local operas in Henan. They have beautiful melodies and heart-warming plots, and “Kill the Pig to the Moonrise Mountain” is a very declarative sing in the opera.

In the warm sun, I welcome the fragrance, who is the girl, and I walked on that bridge, and you were sorrowful. The little girl singing near the bridge, the corner of your eyes is flowing, you say that one person is stubborn, and one person is studying in his hometown.

The vicissitudes of years will not destroy your immature face, the burden of life will not crush your strong backbone, it looks like a fierce appearance can’t cover your good heart, “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” is cold but kind.

The financial staff are daring, and I wish our motherland prosperous; second, the Gaofeiqiao Tunnel Company won the jackpot high school champion in the industry; three wish everyone is auspicious, every family spends a full moon, using Huangmei opera “Who is the emperor list” “Champion No. 1” is an interpretation of Qing Qingzi, my heart …

In the early morning, we look forward to the daylight into the day; in the evening, we bathe in the sunset and think about the gains of the day. The dream of the blue sky lifted the wings of take-off, the dancing youth raised the sails of struggle, and the song “We Will Create Miracles” expressed our firm confidence.

The classmates are very young and handsome, and the book business slams Fang Yan. The smile of a teenager is the most innocent, and the smile of a teenager is the best! You laugh so good, Huang Leyi, Huang Linhan, Zhao Yating’s dance “You laugh really good”.

The dark sky hangs low, and the bright stars follow. In the summer sky, cicadas tweet and worms fly. A small figure of fireflies, a faint and shining firelight, emits light with the power of love. The insect has no wings, but can fly with dreams. The beautiful melody in the keyboard …

The water source, the tree has roots, and the descendants of Yan and Huang are descendants of the dragon. The yellow skin and black eyes cannot change our Chinese heart even when they are in another country! After growing up, we will be the descendants of the dragon, forever and ever.

We also conducted a lottery on-site, the atmosphere was warm, and the first, second and third prizes were held. At the meeting, ten “advanced workers”, “technical elites”, “dedication to work” and business elites of the company were also held at the meeting , “Outstanding Regional Manager”, “Service Star” and “Excellent Management” were awarded.

Tomorrow is wonderful. Our singing will fly to higher mountains, to rivers, to oceans, and to all parts of the world. Your dreams will come true! In the end, we sang a song called “Family and Family”.

I believe that every happy note tonight will turn into a star, inspiring us to fly higher and go further. I believe that every sweet smile tonight will become eternal, inspiring us to open a new chapter and continue to write new glories. I believe that everyone tonight will be aggressive and grow in the miles of the New Year. I believe that a hundred years of flying will definitely come true!

Bless Gao Fei, all staff, and I wish you a Happy New Year, good health and happiness to your family

What are the stages of tunnel survey

The purpose of tunnel survey is to ascertain the engineering and hydrogeological conditions of the location of the tunnel, and the impact of tunnel construction and operation on environmental protection. Provide the necessary survey data for planning, design, and construction, and analyze and evaluate the existing geotechnical engineering problems and environmental problems to propose reasonable design plans and construction measures, so as to make the tunnel engineering economically reasonable and safe and reliable.

Several stages of tunnel survey

The division of the tunnel survey phase should be compatible with the highway design phase, and is generally divided into: feasibility study survey, preliminary survey, detailed survey.

1. Feasibility study survey

Highway feasibility studies are divided into pre-feasibility studies and engineering feasibility studies according to their working depth. The survey in the pre-feasibility study mainly focuses on collecting and studying the existing literature; in the engineering feasibility study, based on the analysis of the existing data, it is necessary to conduct on-site surveys of each possible scheme through surveys and Make necessary explorations at important sites such as bad geological sites, and roughly determine the geological situation.

Tunnel waterproof board laying formwork

2. Preliminary survey

The preliminary survey is based on the approved construction feasibility study report recommending the construction plan, and the survey is conducted in the initially selected route. Its task is to meet the preliminary design requirements for data. According to the engineering geological conditions, the route plan is preferred. Within the basic direction of the route, an initial survey is conducted on the section that may be used as the tunnel line position. The survey will focus on the unfavorable geological sites to determine whether the tunnel can pass or how to pass. Provide all engineering geological data needed to compile the preliminary design.

The preliminary survey work can be carried out in the order of collecting data, selecting tunnel locations for engineering geology, engineering geological mapping, exploration, testing, and data collation.

(1) Collecting information

The preliminary survey should also collect the existing data, including the feasibility study report, obtain the preliminary topographic layout map of the location of the tunnel, and documents about the nature and scale of the project.

(2) Tunnel location selected by engineering geology

The task of the preliminary survey is to choose the optimal tunnel location scheme that is economically reasonable and technically feasible. When the engineering geological conditions in the survey area are relatively complicated, such as poor regional geological stability conditions, and adverse geological phenomena, special attention should be paid to engineering geological route selection.

Firstly, the approximate route position of the tunnel line should be selected from the perspective of engineering geology, and then the engineering geological conditions along the line should be fully researched and mastered, and as far as possible, a more valuable solution should be proposed for comparison, and the tunnel should be selected in a section with better geological conditions. To avoid major program changes due to engineering geological problems during detailed surveys.

(3) Sorting of preliminary survey data

The original data of engineering geological survey, including survey, surveying, mapping, exploration, testing, etc., should be filled in according to relevant regulations, and reviewed and inspected. The submitted materials include drawings, texts, and other materials, which are required to be clear and correct, and to comply with the relevant regulations and the design method of design documents.

Two-lane highway lining trolley

3. Detailed survey

The purpose of detailed survey is to provide complete engineering geological data for line layout and construction drawing design through detailed engineering geological survey in accordance with design information such as construction principles, design schemes, and technical indicators identified in approved preliminary design documents.

The task of detailed survey is to carry out supplementary proofreading on the basis of preliminary survey, to further identify the engineering geological conditions along the line, and the engineering geological characteristics of key projects and bad geological sections, and to obtain the necessary engineering geological data. The construction drawing design of the location provides detailed engineering geological information.

Detailed survey work can be carried out in the order of preparation work, engineering geological mapping along the line, exploration, testing, and data compilation. As the detailed survey work needs to further find out the engineering geological conditions on both sides of the tunnel centerline and the major engineering geological problems of the unfavorable geological section on the basis of the preliminary survey, the detailed survey work is more detailed and in-depth. The depth should meet the needs of the tunnel lining design.

Tunnel Type Summary

Tunnel classification is distinguished from different angles, and different classification methods can be derived. According to the stratum, they can be divided into rock tunnels and earthy tunnels. According to their location, they can be divided into mountain tunnels, urban tunnels, and underwater tunnels. According to construction methods, they can be divided into mining methods, cut-out methods, and shield methods. According to the buried depth, it can be divided into shallow and deep buried tunnels; according to the section form, it can be divided into circular, horseshoe-shaped, rectangular tunnels, etc .; common tunnel types are mainly traffic tunnels, hydraulic tunnels, municipal tunnels, etc. Mining tunnels, let’s take a closer look at these types of tunnels.

Traffic tunnel

A traffic tunnel is the most widely used type of tunnel. Its role is to provide passages for transportation and pedestrians to meet the requirements of smooth traffic lines. Generally, it includes the following types.

(1) Highway tunnel

A road tunnel is a passage dedicated to automobile transportation. With the development of social economy and production, a large number of highways have appeared, and higher standards for road construction technology have been proposed. Straight lines, gentle slopes, and spacious roads are required. Therefore, when roads cross mountain areas, a large number of roads appear. Tunnel scheme. The construction of the tunnel plays an important role in improving the technical status of the highway, shortening the running distance, increasing transportation capacity, and reducing accidents.

(2) Railway tunnel

A railway tunnel is a passage dedicated to train transportation. When the railway passes through mountainous areas, it is necessary to overcome the elevation obstacles. Due to the gentle slope limitation of the railway, the maximum slope limit is less than 2.4% (dual-machine traction). These mountainous areas cannot be bypassed due to the terrain and often cannot obtain the required elevation through the exhibition line. At this time, excavating a tunnel across a mountain is a reasonable choice, and its effect can shorten the line, reduce the slope, improve operating conditions, and increase the traction number.

(3) Underwater tunnel

Underwater tunnels are tunnels built on rivers, rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans, and are used by cars and trains for transportation. The options available are bridges, ferries and tunnels. Underwater tunnels are a good solution. Their advantages are that they are not affected by climate, do not affect navigation, occupy less land, and do not expose traffic facilities during wartime. More and more people are favored, the disadvantage of underwater tunnels is the higher cost.

(4) Subway

The subway is a passageway for train transportation built in urban strata to solve urban traffic problems. The subway is one of the effective ways to solve traffic congestion and vehicle congestion in big cities. As the subway can transport a large number of passengers quickly, safely, and on time, it has become a powerful means to resolve traffic contradictions in large cities. Can improve the city’s traffic conditions and reduce traffic accidents played an important role.

(5) Shipping tunnel

A shipping tunnel is a passage built specifically for shipping transportation. When the canal needs to cross the watershed, a powerful way to overcome the elevation is to build a canal tunnel, which has the advantages of shortening the voyage, reducing operating costs, straightening the river, and greatly improving shipping conditions.

(6) Pedestrian tunnel

Pedestrian tunnels are passages dedicated to pedestrians. It is generally built in the downtown area, crossing streets, or crossing railways, highways, and other pedestrians, crossing traffic, dense vehicles, and occasional accidents. The role of the pedestrian tunnel is to relieve the pressure on the ground, reduce traffic accidents, and facilitate pedestrians.

The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

Hydraulic tunnel

Hydraulic tunnels are an important part of hydraulic engineering and hydropower hub groups. Hydraulic tunnels include the following:

(1) Water diversion tunnel

A water diversion tunnel is a tunnel constructed by introducing water into the generating set of a hydropower station or mobilizing water resources. The water introduced by a diversion tunnel is the power resource of the generating set of a hydropower station. Therefore, as a diversion construction project, the pressure of the inner wall is generally required, but sometimes it is only partially passing through. Water pressure and diversion tunnels can be divided into pressure tunnels and non-pressure tunnels.

(2) Tail water tunnel

The tail water tunnel is a tunnel constructed by sending out the waste water discharged from the hydropower generating units.

(3) Diversion tunnel or flood discharge tunnel

A diversion tunnel or a spillway tunnel is a tunnel constructed to divert water from a water conservancy project and supplement the spillway after the spillway flow exceeds its limit. It is an important building for water conservancy projects, and its role is mainly to release floods.

(4) Sand drainage tunnel

Desilting tunnels are tunnels built to wash away silt in reservoirs. It is an integral part of the reservoir building, and its role is to use sand-draining tunnels to carry the sand wrapped out of the reservoir. It is also used to empty the water in the reservoir during inspection or repair.

Tunnel formwork channel

Municipal tunnel

In urban construction and planning, underground tunnels are constructed by making full use of the underground space and placing various municipal facilities under the ground, called municipal tunnels. Municipal tunnels are closely related to people’s life, work and production in the city, and play an important role in ensuring the normal operation of the city. The main types are:

(1) Water supply tunnel

The water supply tunnel is a tunnel built for the laying system of urban water pipe network. In cities, orderly and rational planning and layout of water supply pipelines that are closely related to people’s lives and production is an important task of urban municipal infrastructure. It is required not to damage the urban landscape, occupy the ground, and avoid human damage. Therefore, it is a reasonable choice to construct underground tunnels to accommodate these pipes.

(2) Sewage tunnel

Sewage tunnels are tunnels built for urban sewage drainage systems. Except for the part of urban sewage that is seriously polluted and reused or discharged, most of the sewage needs to be discharged into rivers outside the city, which requires underground sewage tunnels. This type of tunnel usually uses its own diversion and drainage. At this time, the shape of the tunnel is mostly oval. It may also be that a sewage pipe is placed in the tunnel to discharge sewage. At the entrance of the sewage tunnel, there are mostly slag blocking barriers to block floating debris out of the tunnel so as not to cause blockage due to influx.

(3) Pipeline tunnel

Pipe tunnels are tunnels built for urban energy supply (gas, heating, hot water, etc.) systems. The pipeline tunnel in the city is to place the pipeline that transports energy in the constructed underground tunnel. After leakage prevention and thermal insulation treatment, the energy can be safely transported to the production and home destination.

(4) Line tunnel

Line tunnels are tunnels built for power and communication systems. In the city, in order to ensure that power cables and communication cables are not damaged or damaged by people’s activities, and to avoid the impact of high altitudes on the urban landscape, special underground tunnels are built to house them: In modern cities, the above four common characteristics According to the city’s layout and planning, a municipal tunnel is built into a common tunnel, called a “common pipe trench.” The common pipe trench is a symbol of the scientific management and planning of modern urban infrastructure, and a scientific method for the rational use of urban underground space. It is also the direction for the planning and construction of urban municipal tunnels.

(5) Civil defense tunnel

Civil air defense tunnels are air defense evacuation tunnels built for wartime air defense purposes. Civil air defense works were built in cities to prevent the need for war air strikes. Civil air defense works are used for shelter in emergency situations. Therefore, the general requirements of people on the living environment should be considered during construction. In addition to drainage, ventilation, lighting and communication equipment, storage of drinking water, food and Necessary ambulance equipment. Explosion-proof and anti-shock wave devices need to be set at the entrance of the cave.

The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

Mine tunnel

In mining, the tunnels from the outside of the mountain to the ore deposit and transporting the mined ore are realized through the construction of tunnels. Their functions are mainly for mining, and there are the following.

(1) Transportation laneway

Tunnels to the mountains lead to the ore deposits, and roadways are gradually opened to the various mining faces. The former is called the main roadway, which is the main entrance and exit of the underground mining area and the main transportation trunk road; the latter is distributed like a tree shape and is distributed to each mining face. Such a roadway is usually supported temporarily and is only needed for the operator’s mining work.

(2) Water supply tunnel

The clean water sent is used by mining machinery, and the waste water and standing water are pumped out of the cave.

(3) Ventilation tunnel

Underground mine tunnels usually pass through the ground with harmful gases, exhaust gas from mining machinery, and gas exhaled by workers, making the air in the tunnels dirty. If the gas in the formation contains gas, it will endanger human safety. Therefore, to purify the air in the roadway and create a good working environment, a ventilation roadway must be set up to remove harmful gases and replenish fresh air.

In summary, tunnel engineering has been applied in many fields and has become an important component of national construction, people’s life and production. In recent years, there have been considerable developments in tunnel technology, but there are still many problems and areas to be studied and improved.

Installation process of tunnel lining formwork trolley

Lining trolley is mainly used for concrete pouring of secondary lining (secondary lining) in tunnels and diversion tunnels. It is a special equipment designed and manufactured to improve the surface smoothness and lining speed of tunnel linings and reduce labor intensity. The tunnel lining trolley adopts a steel mold trolley for pouring 30% higher than the traditional formwork, and the speed of mold loading and demolding is 2 to 3 times faster. The manpower used is 1/5 of the past.

Tunnel lining trolley installation process

1. Choosing the installation site: According to the actual situation of the site, choose an appropriate installation site so that the trolley can enter the hole or work surface smoothly.

(1) Installation outside the cave; large space, suitable for crane operation.

(2) Installation in the hole; small space, anchoring operation is required.

2. Level the site and lay the track. The site should be as flat and wide as possible for installation work. The site is generally 20 × 30 meters, depending on the actual site. (If it is installed in the cave, it needs to be 50 cm on the top and 30 cm on both sides. The length is a length of the trolley + 3 meters. It is convenient for lifting operations. In order to successfully complete the installation task, it needs to be doubled in this position. The site where the length of the trolley is +3 meters is free of obstacles. When installing in the cave, anchor bolts need to be erected, and the specific position is determined according to the technical department’s requirements. Obvious triangle pits, joints without wrong platform, front and back, left and right height difference <5mm, centerline as much as possible coincide with the tunnel centerline, the error <15mm, track sleeper spacing is generally ≤ 0.5 meters, and fixed with road nails, steel rails use 38kg / m Heavy rail.

The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

3. Install the walking wheel frame assembly: Use the hoisting device (hand hoist or crane) to place the driving wheel frame and the driven wheel frame on the paved track respectively, and make temporary support, according to the centerline of the bottom longitudinal beam , Adjust the distance between the front and rear wheel frames, and use the principle of equal diagonals to adjust the correct orientation of the wheel frame, and flatten and fix.

4. Installation of the bottom longitudinal beam: Hang the bottom longitudinal beam above the placed wheel frame and use bolts to add temporary support to check whether the diagonal has changed. If it is within the correct value, a door frame can be installed.

5. Install the portal frame: Generally, the portal frame single piece assembly is assembled on the ground first. Then it is hoisted piece by piece at the opposite position of the bottom longitudinal beam and temporarily fixed with bolts.

6. Install the lock beam and scissors brace In order to become an organic whole as soon as possible, install the door frame and then install the lock beam and the scissors brace provided in each space. Use vertical ball or eyes to adjust and correct. And tighten the bolts in time to form a complete skeleton.

Pipeline municipal lining trolley

7. Install the lifting cylinder and other components.

8. Hoisting the lifting beam and installing the bench beam: First hoist the bench beam above the jacking cylinder, adjust the center distance and diagonal line, then add temporary support, hoist the lifting beam above the bench beam, and tighten with bolts solid.

9. Install the hanging beam column and roof template. When installing the top mold, it should start from the middle and extend to both ends. This can reduce the cumulative error. Install the first top mold in the middle. After checking that the chord length and height meet the design standards, install other top molds until the top mold is completed. Installation tasks.

10. For the stability of the trolley, at this time, all the diagonal braces and scissors braces on the suspension beam are all checked and tightened.

11. Install side mold (using crane or hand hoist): After checking the top mold, you can install the side mold. When installing the side mold, install the side mold symmetrically to prevent sideways. If installing in the hole, the side mold should be installed before installation. The side mold is first transported into the hole, and the template is leaned against the side wall foundation in order for lifting. After the side mold installation is adjusted, the surface is smooth, flat, there are no misalignments at the joints, and the geometric dimensions meet the design requirements, and the beam can be installed.

Double-track railway lining trolley

12. Install through beams and support systems.

13. Install hydraulic and electrical systems. If it is installed in a small hole, the walking appliance must be installed before it, so that the trolley can move forward and backward.

14. Install accessories, such as: railings, step ladders and working platforms, blanking boards and so on.

15. Check all fastening bolts.

16. Whether no-load test run, electrical hydraulic system works normally.

17. Test whether the various actions of the trolley are flexible and accurate in place.

18. After passing the self-inspection, report to the user for acceptance.

19. If the acceptance is satisfactory, fill in the form, the two sides will sign in place and put it into use.

The above is the entire process of tunnel lining trolley installation. The structure of the tunnel lining trolley is reasonable, advanced manufacturing technology, convenient installation and use, high strength, good stability, smooth and flat surface of the template, simple operation, environmental protection, economy and installation quality There are significant advantages.

How to use special grouting machine for tunnel lining?

The special grouting machine for tunnel lining is an all-in-one machine for tunnel lining pulping, storage and grouting. It adopts a double-layer design, with upper-layer pulping, lower-layer mixing, front-end grouting, automatic printing of grouting pressure and flow. “Breaking the world”, while reducing equipment investment, increasing the grouting efficiency more than twice, and reducing the labor intensity of field operators. Let’s take a closer look at how to use the special grouting machine for tunnel lining.

First, preparations before grouting

1. After the reconstruction of the tunnel lining trolley, a grouting connection kit with a valve, a pressure gauge and a quick joint is connected to the main grouting hole.

2. The special grouting machine for tunnel lining is placed under the tunnel lining trolley, and it is placed aside, and safety warning reflective strips are affixed.

3. Prepare sufficient grouting materials and place them near the special grouting machine for tunnel lining, and the bottom must be moisture-proof and water-proof to prevent all kinds of water from wetting the grouting materials such as construction.

Secondary grouting machine

Second, the pulping process

1. Calculate the amount of material and mixing water per pan according to the material mix ratio, and use a special water holding device.

2. Start the mixing bucket, add half of the grouting material first, then add all the mixing water, and then continue to add the other half of the grouting material, stir for 2 to 3 minutes, and stir into a uniform slurry.

3. Open the discharge valve of the mixing bucket to make the slurry flow out to the storage bucket quickly, and then close the discharge valve of the pulp bucket. According to the above-mentioned pulping method, the pulping is circulated.

Third, grouting operation process

1. After the slurry is put into the storage bucket, put the grouting tube to the edge of the drainage ditch, start the grouting machine, and after all the water in the tube is squeezed out, stop the grouting machine.

2. Lift the grouting pipe head to the lining trolley and connect it with the grouting joint of the trolley. The grouting pipe is fixed to the trolley, and the suspended part is fixed to the side of the trolley.

Grouting with mold

3. Start the special grouting machine for tunnel lining and start grouting. The grouting sequence is from the main grouting hole to the end-die grouting hole.

4. During the grouting process, observe the trolley pressure gauge and the end die out. If the arc of the tip die leaks, stop the grouting pump, and seal the leak in time, and then continue grouting until the density of the slurry coming out of the tip is consistent with that in the pulper. Change to the next grouting hole, and so on. When grouting, if the pressure gauge at the trolley exceeds 1.0MPa, go directly to the grouting hole. Each grouting hole needs to be grouted, but in the grouting process, when other holes are grouted, the grouting holes that have not been grouted and the slurry of the same density flows out can be closed without grouting. The RPC grouting pipe must be full, and the RPC grouting pipe should be blocked in time when the grouting connection is replaced after the grouting.

5. End the grouting. The grouting of each hole is completed, and the density of the slurry produced at the height of the end die is consistent with that in the pulping barrel, and the grouting is ended.

6. Record the total amount of grouting, grouting start time and end time.

Fourth, cleanup operations

1. Pull the unused grouting material back to a dry place for storage, and take necessary isolation and moisture-proof measures.

2. If there are drainage facilities in the tunnel, special grouting machines and grouting pipes for tunnel lining can be cleaned in the tunnel; if there are no drainage facilities in the tunnel, pull the equipment outside the tunnel to clean the equipment.

3. Remove the grouting connector and plug the RPC grouting pipe nozzle in time to prevent grouting.

What is the operation method of the steel formwork trolley

The steel formwork trolley is a special equipment designed and manufactured to improve the surface smoothness and lining speed of the tunnel lining and reduce labor intensity. There are side top arch type, straight wall variable section top arch type, full circle pin beam type, full circle passing type and so on. The following is a detailed description of the rules for the safe operation of steel mold trolleys, I hope to help you.

First, steel formwork trolley walking and seating

1. After the trolley is installed, check whether the structure of each part is in place, check whether the bolts of each part are firmly connected, and each coupling pin must be reliable and flexible in rotation. Fill the reducer with lubricating oil, fill the hydraulic oil tank with hydraulic oil, Lubricate the jack and other adjustment screws to ensure good lubrication of the equipment;

2. After determining the correct elevation of the track surface of the working position of the trolley, ensure that the track is symmetrical with respect to the centerline of the tunnel and the track surface is flat;

3. Make sure that the screw jacks act reliably to ensure safe use;

4. Cooperate with surveyors to adjust the formwork to meet the construction requirements;

Tunnel waterproof board laying formwork

Second, perfusion

1. The concrete in the lower part of the formwork is first poured and vibrated through the working window, and the working window is closed successively during the pouring process;

2. Finally, connect the delivery pipe to the grouting port on the top of the formwork, and perform a small amount of headspace infusion. After completion, remove excess concrete from the brake tip tube and close the grouting port;

3. The speed of pouring concrete must be controlled within 1.2m / h, that is, the rising height of each side must not be greater than 1.2 meters per hour;

4. The maximum thickness of the cast-in-place concrete of the trolley shall not be greater than the design thickness plus the over-excavation amount of 0.2m;
5. Only when the concrete is solidified to the quality required by the engineering technology, can the mold be supported;

Double-track railway lining trolley

Third, safety precautions

1. Regularly check whether the lubricant of the reducer and the anti-wear hydraulic oil of the hydraulic station are sufficient;

2. Regularly check whether the control circuit of the walking motor and hydraulic motor is working normally;

3. After each working cycle, check whether the connecting bolts are loose and the pins are reliable, and deal with problems if found;

4. When pouring, the left and right templates are symmetrically poured to ensure the balance of the load on the trolley, and the height difference between the concrete surfaces on both sides must not be greater than 500mm;

5. It is strictly forbidden to pour concrete into the entire lining length with one grouting port when the mold is capped. Each grouting port must be used in order to make the top formwork balanced. After filling, stop the pouring in time to avoid causing deformation of the template;

6. When the temperature is lower than the requirements of the specification, heat insulation measures should be added to ensure the quality of concrete pouring.

In addition to steel formwork trolleys, automatic trestle bridges and tunnel trestle bridges are also commonly used engineering construction equipment.

Analysis of highway tunnel construction technology

With the continuous development of China’s highway construction industry, highway tunnels have become an important part of highway engineering construction. Highway tunnel is a relatively special structure and a large project in highway construction. In the construction of highway tunnels, appropriate construction technology must be used to effectively improve the level of construction management so that the construction of highway tunnels can be carried out smoothly and the quality of highway tunnel construction can be effectively guaranteed.

Analysis of Construction Characteristics of Highway Tunnels

Tunnel waterproof board laying formwork

1.Strong concealment during construction

Hiddenness is the main feature of highway tunnel construction. During the construction of a highway tunnel, only external works are visible, and other works are hidden. As for the evaluation of highway tunnel construction quality, it is necessary to complete not only the assessment of the surface of the highway tunnel, but also the inspection of the deep conditions of the tunnel. At the same time, the geological environment needs to be strictly surveyed during the construction of the highway tunnel, because the geological conditions are likely to change, the construction design must pay great attention to the changes in the geological conditions to ensure that the construction design is dynamic.

2.Poor construction environment

For highway tunnel construction, tunnel excavation, ventilation and support operations must be completed in the same construction environment. Because the working surface is relatively small, and the construction process is very compact, there are a lot of construction technicians and construction facilities to be deployed, so the construction space is small and the construction work is crowded. In addition, the internal environment of highway tunnels is extremely harsh, with relatively low visibility, poor air circulation, and high noise, which will also have a certain degree of negative impact on the physical and mental health of construction technicians.

3.Strong professionalism in construction

The construction period of highway tunnel engineering is relatively long, and the length of the project is also very long. During construction, the phenomenon of cutting corners and cutting materials often occurs, which seriously affects the quality of highway tunnel construction and it is difficult to meet the requirements of highway engineering quality standards. In this case, the highway tunnel engineering supervision staff must have solid professional knowledge and skills, conduct strict inspections and supervision of highway tunnel construction, and timely discover and resolve construction quality problems. At the same time, highway tunnel construction has strict requirements on professionalism, so construction technicians and construction facilities must meet the requirements of the standard.

Key points of highway tunnel construction technology

Pipeline municipal lining trolley

1.Technical points of tunnel opening construction

In the process of designing the construction technology of the opening of the highway tunnel project, it should be unified with the construction of adjacent projects. Not only must the construction quality of the tunnel tunnel be effectively guaranteed, but the construction efficiency must also be effectively improved.
At the same time, the construction of highway tunnel openings needs to avoid the rainy season and low temperature periods, so that the construction quality of highway tunnel openings can meet the requirements of standards. Before the construction of highway tunnel openings, it is necessary to remove overhanging and dangerous rocks in time to enhance the reliability and stability of the hillside, so as to create a safe construction environment for construction technicians. It is also important to monitor and protect the tunnel opening during construction, because road tunnels may change during construction. Therefore, according to the construction site conditions, the slope of the tunnel opening and the slope of the tunnel must be protected to ensure the tunnel opening In a safe and stable state. In addition, the construction period of the highway tunnel project is relatively long. In order to facilitate the successful completion of the project, drainage facilities should be effectively established before the rainy season to promote the completion of the tunnel tunnel opening within the prescribed period.

2.Key points of construction technology of tunnels and open doors

For the construction of open tunnels for highway tunnels, construction technicians should construct according to the construction plan and design requirements. First of all, pre-reinforcement of the ground floor should be carried out before the construction of a highway tunnel open hole, and the construction technology method of layered excavation should be selected. In order to ensure the normal construction of open tunnels in highway tunnels, the construction technicians must also complete the support treatment, especially the slope and Yang slope support generally use a combination of multiple support methods to further strengthen the side Slope, slope stability. Secondly, the construction of the highway tunnel’s open hole is started. For the construction of the side wall of the tunnel, the foundation reinforcement needs to be completed before construction. At the same time, the width and buried depth of the side wall of the highway tunnel’s open hole must meet the requirements, so that the highway The construction of the tunnel open hole is consistent with the design plan.

The key points of the construction technology of the highway tunnel door must pay great attention to the following points:

A. In the construction of highway tunnel doors, the construction efficiency should be improved as much as possible, the construction period should be shortened, and the construction should be completed before the rainy season comes.

B. The construction of the tunnel door wall of the highway tunnel must be carried out in a timely manner after the excavation of Shishi, and it is also necessary to ensure that the bearing capacity of the tunnel door port wall and the wing wall base meet the specific requirements specified in the design plan. If the problem of uneven soft and hard foundations occurs during the construction of the wing wall of the tunnel door or the port wall, it will inevitably have a serious impact on the highway tunnel project. Therefore, the construction quality of the highway tunnel door must be strictly controlled.

C. Tunnel excavation is an important part of highway tunnel construction, and all preparations must be completed properly before tunnel excavation. In order to improve the bearing capacity of the surrounding rock of the highway tunnel, the corresponding protective measures should be used for reinforcement treatment, and the tunnel excavation can only be carried out on the premise of ensuring its stability. At present, the technologies commonly used in highway tunnel excavation construction are blasting construction technology, pre-splitting construction technology and non-blasting machinery-assisted construction technology.

From the analysis of the application of highway tunnel excavation construction technology, the specific construction process is as follows: firstly, the arch is excavated, mainly using smooth blasting technology; secondly, the side wall is excavated, and generally the pre-split blasting construction technology is selected; Finally, excavation of the floor should be reserved, so that it can create favorable conditions for the effective application of smooth blasting construction technology. In addition, before the highway tunnel is excavated, strict and effective tests on the relevant technical parameters need to be completed, so that the highway tunnel excavation can be carried out smoothly.

What are the safe operating procedures for lining trolleys in building construction?

The lining trolley is a necessary equipment in the secondary lining of the tunnel construction process and is used for the concrete lining construction of the tunnel inner wall.

Lining trolleys are indispensable non-standard products for secondary lining during tunnel construction. They mainly include simple lining trolleys, hydraulic automatic walking lining trolleys and grid-type lining trolleys. The hydraulic lining trolley can be further divided into side top arch type, round pin beam type, bottom die pin beam type, round passing type and so on. In the construction of hydraulic tunnels and bridges, lifting slipforms, jacking slipforms and turning forms are also commonly used.


Operating regulations for lining trolleys

(1) Before the trolley works, do a good job in the inspection and grounding of the trolley, check the power phase sequence and leakage protection devices to avoid reverse running caused by the trolley leakage and the motor reverse.

(2) The operator must be trained and familiar with the performance, structure and principle of the lining trolley, and only after passing the examination and obtaining the operation certificate, can the operator operate.

(3) Operators should fasten their straps when working at heights, and pay attention not to drop tools and other objects to hurt people.

(4) Check that the rail spacing must meet the requirements, and the plywood and sleepers should be intact. There are no dangerous rocks and obstacles in the direction of the trolley, and the mechanical braking system is intact. After confirming that each department is intact, go ahead and sound the horn.

The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

(5) When the trolley is walking, someone should direct it. Protective posts should be set at the top, rear, left, right, and top of the trolley. Operators should obey instructions and strictly guard their posts.

(6) Carry out the P system and make sure that the front and back are sturdy. After being fully prepared, the commander shall use the correct gesture or whistle to prevail and ring back to warn before starting. Before passing through the formwork, you must stop and inspect all parts for obstacles, and then start to pass when it is confirmed to be correct.

(7) The lifting equipment of the trolley must comply with the regulations and must not be replaced arbitrarily, and someone is responsible for the operation. Lifting must be carefully checked by various departments. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the equipment when lifting. Make sure that the lifting equipment is working before working.