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Causes and treatment of cracks in tunnel lining

Tunnel cracks are one of the common diseases of tunnel linings. Cracking of linings is manifested in both the primary lining and the secondary lining, of which the secondary lining is the most serious. The distribution of lining cracks is the most on the left side of the lower line, followed by the left side […]

Analysis of key points of tunnel lining construction in tunnel engineering

Tunnel lining construction is a key construction content of tunnel engineering, which is related to construction quality and construction safety. So what are the common causes of common problems in tunnel lining construction? What control measures can ensure the quality of tunnel lining construction? The following is an analysis of the main points of tunnel […]

What are the effects of tunnel lining grouting?

Tunnel lining grouting is to improve the lining stress conditions and meet the waterproof requirements. The construction gap behind the lining ring is filled with cement and other materials. In the soft soil layer, the part disturbed by the tunnel digging has a weakened stability, and the gap needs to be filled in time to […]

Installation instructions for tunnel lining formwork trolley

In order to make the formwork trolley properly use its performance, the installation work instruction is specially formulated. This instruction is based on the factory and field installation. Installation in the cave should be guided according to specific conditions and facilities, and site conditions with reference to these measures. First, technical equipment 1. Familiar with […]

Gaofei Qiao Tunnel Spring Festival Holiday Notice

About “Spring Festival Holiday Arrangement in 2020” Sue client To: Dear Customers Hello! Thank you very much for your long-term attention and support to our company. At the coming of the new year 2020, Luoyang Gaofeiqiao Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. wishes our customers and the Chinese people a happy Chinese New Year! Our Spring Festival […]

Gaofei Qiao Tunnel Annual Promotion Video 2020

In 2019, we spared no effort to chase the established goals and successfully completed the first five-year plan. Looking back on this year, we have vivid memories and fresh memories. In 2019, Henan Gaofei Machinery Equipment Group Co., Ltd. was established. Since then, Luoyang Gaofei has a new look. The transformation of the Gaofei Bridge […]

Gaofei Qiao Tunnel New Year 2020 Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony

Singing resigned to the old year, dancing to celebrate the New Year, on January 117, 2020, the 23rd lunar month of the lunar calendar, Luoyang Gaofeiqiao Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. “2020 New Year’s Party and Awards Ceremony” was grandly held. Years are like songs, and Huaguang is like a dream; the past year is like […]

What are the stages of tunnel survey

The purpose of tunnel survey is to ascertain the engineering and hydrogeological conditions of the location of the tunnel, and the impact of tunnel construction and operation on environmental protection. Provide the necessary survey data for planning, design, and construction, and analyze and evaluate the existing geotechnical engineering problems and environmental problems to propose reasonable […]

Tunnel Type Summary

Tunnel classification is distinguished from different angles, and different classification methods can be derived. According to the stratum, they can be divided into rock tunnels and earthy tunnels. According to their location, they can be divided into mountain tunnels, urban tunnels, and underwater tunnels. According to construction methods, they can be divided into mining methods, […]