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The cracks in the lining of expressway tunnels and the treatment measures

Because natural conditions, geological environment, climate conditions, etc. are relatively complex and changeable, the construction difficulty of highway engineering is increased to a large extent. Tunnel engineering is a particularly important project in expressway construction. In recent years, as expressway construction extends to mountainous areas, the number of tunnel projects has also increased greatly. Tunnel […]

Maintenance skills of tunnel lining walking system

The tunnel lining walking system is an important part of the lining trolley. It must be inspected, maintained, operated correctly, and adjusted carefully in use to keep it in a good technical state. 1. Clean and clean in time After the lining trolley operation is completed, the sludge contaminated on the wheels and crawlers should […]

Design and use of tunnel lining trolley

In the process of tunnel construction, the use of concrete for secondary lining is a very important work, and with the development of the times, there are new requirements for concrete secondary lining work, requiring higher quality and shorter construction period. Under the current trend, a good design of lining trolley has become an inevitable […]

Disassembly, assembly and use characteristics of tunnel invert trestle

Tunnel invert construction has always been an important factor affecting construction progress and quality control. In order to reduce the interference of invert construction on slag loading and slagging machine and tunnel lining trolley, and to achieve the goal of accelerating the construction progress of mechanized parallel operation, high The fully-automatically controlled and fully hydraulic […]

Detailed knowledge of tunnel lining trolley

The tunnel lining trolley refers to the special equipment that must be used in the secondary lining of the tunnel construction process. The equipment is mainly used for the concrete lining construction of the inner wall of the tunnel. Today we will learn more about the detailed knowledge of the tunnel lining trolley! Detailed knowledge […]

Causes of tunnel lining erosion and preventive measures

The generation of tunnel lining erosion affects the overall safety performance of the tunnel lining. Therefore, prevention of tunnel lining erosion should be done well. In fact, the main reasons for the erosion of the tunnel lining are the existence of corrosive media; the existence of easily corrosive substances; the existence and mobility of groundwater. […]

Structure composition and use of tunnel lining trolley

At present, in the tunnel machinery industry, the design scheme and internal structure of the lining trolley are different, but from the perspective of its use, the nature of the general road and railway trolleys is similar. The structure of the tunnel lining trolley consists of a portal frame assembly, a bracket assembly, a template […]

Daily inspection work standard of tunnel lining

Tunnel lining is very important to the long-term stability and safety of the tunnel. Therefore, in the daily inspection of the tunnel, the inspection of the tunnel lining cracks is a normal work content. The cracks of the tunnel lining mainly include diagonal cracks, circular cracks, longitudinal cracks and network cracks, which are mainly distributed […]

Common Problems and Solutions of Lining Trolley in Tunnel Construction

There are a variety of problems encountered in tunnel construction lining trolley. When we encounter problems and then solve them, it will be more troublesome. Therefore, we have sorted out some common problems and solutions of tunnel construction lining trolley. You can learn in advance. Now, if we really encounter these problems during operation, it […]

What are the precautions for tunnel lining?

Tunnel lining is a statically indeterminate supporting structure, the main building of the tunnel, simply the inner lining of the tunnel. Its function is to prevent the rock around the tunnel from deforming or collapsing, a permanent support structure built with reinforced concrete and other materials along the tunnel. Lining technology is often used in […]