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What are the key points of tunnel construction?

Tunnel construction is a difficult point in road and bridge construction. It has a complicated construction process and is different from other projects. It has the characteristics of concealment. If the survey and design estimates are insufficient or some precautions are not done during the construction, the safety of the tunnel may be affected and […]

What are the key points of highway tunnel construction technology?

As we all know, the construction of tunnels is relatively complicated and involves many difficult technologies, which brings great difficulties to highway construction. For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen technical research, improve the control level of tunnel quality management, and improve the overall quality of highways. Construction characteristics of highway tunnels During highway […]

What are the factors affecting tunnel construction?

In recent years, due to the acceleration of the internationalization process, the transportation industry has developed rapidly. Road construction is not only related to people’s livelihood, but also an important pillar to promote national economic growth. In order to promote regional economic development, many regions have overcome geographical restrictions to build highways, and tunnel engineering […]

What are the performance advantages of the automatic invert trestle?

Tunnel invert construction has always been an important factor affecting construction progress and quality control. In order to reduce the interference of invert construction on ballast vehicles and achieve the goal of accelerating construction progress, our company has developed a new automatic control hydraulic invert trestle. The automatic invert trestle has the following advantages: 1. […]

Construction technology and technical points of tunnel invert

The invert is a reverse arch structure set at the bottom of the tunnel to improve the stress conditions of the upper supporting structure. It is one of the important components of the tunnel structure, and it is the foundation of the tunnel structure. On the one hand, it needs to effectively transmit the ground […]

How to improve the construction efficiency of tunnel waterproof board laying formwork

It is understood that the water ditch cable trough is the final project of the tunnel’s preliminary construction, which is responsible for the drainage, the shielding interference of the control cable, and the protection function of the cable in the heavy corrosive environment. The construction process is relatively cumbersome, and the construction pays more attention […]

What are the safety guarantee measures for tunnel construction?

Tunnel construction can be divided into mountain tunnels, underwater tunnels and urban tunnels according to the location of the tunnel. Therefore, relevant departments must ensure the safety of their construction personnel. At present, with the extensive application of aerial survey, remote sensing technology, geophysical technology, measurement technology, electronic computer technology, etc., the technical level of […]

Introduction to Construction Technology of Highway Tunnel Lining

Due to the large cross-section of the highway tunnel, the quality requirements of the molded concrete lining are high, especially if the highway tunnel cancels the secondary treatment of the fireproof coating and cement paint on the second lining surface, the molded concrete lining will have appearance quality problems. Such as: ring-shaped joints are staggered […]

Design, installation and operation of lining trolley

Today’s tunnel construction requires not only high quality but also fast speed. In order to ensure the quality and construction speed of the tunnel’s lining, a full-section and integral translational trolley is used in the lining construction to ensure the “inside real and outside beauty” of the lining The construction progress of the tunnel. First, […]

Construction standards for tunnel construction facilities

During the construction of the tunnel, construction facilities that meet the construction needs should be set up at each driving end, and the construction facilities should be managed in a closed manner. Tunnel construction facilities generally mainly refer to tunnel office and living facilities, jet concrete mixing station, steel bar processing plant (or assembly plant), […]