Introduction of Safety Technology for Lining Trolley

Lining trolley is a large non-standard mechanical equipment used for secondary lining in tunnel construction. Its main structure is a steel structure combined with plate and beam. It is widely used in the construction of railways, highways and water conservancy and hydropower projects. It is difficult to analyze and calculate the strength and rigidity of its various components and the whole by using traditional mechanical design methods. Therefore, it is necessary to use the safety of the main lining trolley.

1. All formwork trolley operators must pass the safety training examination before they can work.

2. The trolley power supply control distribution box should be placed on the base of the tunnel, and it is strictly forbidden to control the power distribution of the trolley.The box is installed on the trolley, the power cord of the trolley must pass through the leakage switch, and the leakage action of the switch, the current should not be greater than 30mA, the leakage action time should not be greater than 0.1S, and the trolley cable should not there are joints, and the trolley should be reliably grounded.

3. Low-voltage lighting must be used on the lining trolley, and all power lines passing through the formwork trolley, often the lighting line and the template trolley should have insulation facilities, and the electrical line should be suspended, and power is prohibited lines, commonly used lighting lines are placed directly on the ground, or tied to the formwork trolley components,even immersed in water, electric lines that cannot reach a safe distance should be covered when firing the gun.

The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

4. In the walking, installation and disassembly of the lining trolley, the location of the electric line must be considered will it bring safety hazards to construction operations, especially the walking of trolleys and objects that fall from heights?Damage the electrical circuit and cause a safety accident.

5. The assembly, maintenance and disassembly of the lining trolley should use oxygen, acetylene cutting, electric welding, etc.When working, pay attention to safety and fire prevention.

6. It is forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials and garbage on the lining trolley; no storage on the template trolley , put other engineering materials and equipment to keep the trolley clean and tidy.

7. The lining trolley platform should be covered with wooden boards, and the wooden boards must be firmly fixed with the trolley.Set up a headboard, and set up a safety net under the formwork trolley at the part where the plank is not fully paved.

8. The installation of the lining trolley; the disassembly and the construction of the second lining should prevent injuries from falling objects from high places people.

9. Before the trolley works, check and ground the trolley. Check the power phase sequence and leakage electric protection device to avoid safety accidents caused by line leakage and motor reversal.

10. When the lining trolley is walking, it should be directed by a special person. The top, front, rear, left, and right sides of the trolley must be protected gang. Operators must follow instructions and strictly guard their jobs.

Tunnel waterproof board laying formwork

11. The moving process should be steady and slow, and it is strictly forbidden to pull, force forward or back.

12. Operators should be assigned to personnel and posts, and should not be replaced at will.

13. After the work is completed, turn off the power, clean up, and stack the second lining according to regulations or requirements.Noted auxiliary equipment and spare parts.

14. Regularly arrange people to maintain the trolley, and add lubricating oil (grease) to each lubrication point.Ensure the flexible use of the trolley.

15. After being in place, a wooden wedge should be added to brake to prevent the lining trolley from shifting.

16. After positioning, the screw jack at the bottom of the trolley should be tightened, and then the two lining trolleys screw the screw jack on the side tightly. When all the screw jacks are tightened, the cylinder jacks should be loosened.The screw jack and the hydraulic jack must be carried out one by one before the concrete pouring and the concrete pouring process.

Pipeline municipal lining trolley

17.Concrete pouring must be carried out evenly and symmetrically, and the height difference between the two sides of the concrete must not exceed 0.6m.Prevent the trolley from being biased.

18. The concrete pouring should be roughly horizontal in the longitudinal direction to prevent the trolley from sliding under force.

19. The pouring speed of the concrete should be strictly controlled to prevent the trolley from floating or being over-stressed and damaging the platform car and personnel casualties.

20. The personnel who watch the mold should seriously check the safety of the concrete pouring, and promptly give a stop if they find a dangerous situation.Stop the concrete pouring signal to prevent the occurrence of construction accidents such as mold running and slurry leakage.

21. Sleeping on the lining trolley is prohibited to prevent smoke and dust poisoning.

The above is all about the safety technology of the lining trolley. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. You must pay attention to safety during the operation of the lining trolley.