Gaofei Qiao Tunnel Annual Promotion Video 2020

In 2019, we spared no effort to chase the established goals and successfully completed the first five-year plan. Looking back on this year, we have vivid memories and fresh memories.

In 2019, Henan Gaofei Machinery Equipment Group Co., Ltd. was established. Since then, Luoyang Gaofei has a new look. The transformation of the Gaofei Bridge tunnel to the Gaofei Group is a rebirth after a nirvana and a cocoon into a butterfly after a storm It is the general trend, logical, and a milestone in the history of Goofy.

In 2019, with the joint efforts of all of us, we moved to a new location. Since then, we have a more standard and spacious factory building, and we have a brighter and brighter office building. We are working harder and working harder.

2019 is the year of “Quality Year”, “Reshaping Customer Image Year” and “A Year of Transformation from Extensive Management to Standardization and Institutionalization”. This year, we continued to innovate and make great strides forward.

2019 is a year in which our product quality has improved by leaps and bounds, and a year in which our scientific research has “exploded”. This year, we cooperated with Professor Hu’s team at the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Central South University to actively carry out various product development and upgrades. This has significantly improved our product quality and equipment performance, and has received unanimous praise from our customers.

In 2019, we will continue to deepen reforms, seek benefits from management and the system, improve various related systems, improve various work processes, carry out different learning activities, enhance technical exchanges between industries, listen to customer feedback, and continuously self-check and correct. To escort the company’s formal development.

In 2019, our business is advancing rapidly and blooming everywhere. We have all newly opened domestic highways, railways, subways and other lines. We have participated in all major projects. At the same time, we have also expanded our international business, lining trolleys, waterproofing Pallet trolleys are exported to Indonesia; multi-section lining trolleys are exported to Saudi Arabia, etc., and contribute their own power to the Belt and Road Initiative advocated by the country.

In 2019, our business personnel traveled across five lakes and mountains, famous mountains and rivers, because there will be bridges when there are large rivers, and tunnels when there are mountains. In this way, the sheep intestines in the mountains have become highways and railways! This year, our after-sales personnel also traveled in all directions, all over the world, because with them, our equipment can operate better and link the great country of the motherland. This year, our workers and masters, fighting the extreme cold and extreme heat, have always fought on the front line of production. It is you who created the Gao Feiqiao Tunnel, and you have also achieved the Gao Fei brand.

2019 is also a year when our patents are “harvest.” In 2019, we won 1 invention patent, 13 utility model patents, and more than 20 patents in the process of application. These patents are a weapon for our market competition. It is our magic weapon to defeat the enemy.

2019 is a year in which we received significant rewards. In 2019, our “Luoyang Bridge and Tunnel Trolley Engineering Technology Research Center” award; “Henan Province Science and Technology Giant Cultivation Enterprise” award; our “Henan Province technology type” “Small and medium-sized enterprises” awards; invention patent awards, utility model patent awards, and these awards are the result of the continuous hard work of all of us.

2019 is also a year when our company has become more formal. Our company has become the vice president unit of Luoyang Bridge and Tunnel Complete Equipment Industry Association. In 2019, our company’s corporate credit rating was 3A. Our company also successfully passed the GJB9001C-2017 weapon. Equipment quality management system certification; GB / T 29490-2013 intellectual property management system certification; the company’s dual prevention system has been completed, and the annual environmental protection acceptance of 300 sets of bridge and tunnel complete equipment projects has been announced. Stronger evidence.

We are striding forward in 2019, and we are full of confidence in 2020. 2020 is the first year of our second five-year plan. In this year, we will pay close attention to quality, maintain safety, and comprehensively advance the standardization and standardization process; increase research and development, and focus on innovation Highlight humanity and differentiation, and further improve the core competitiveness of the product; continuously improve various rules and regulations, create a simple and smooth workflow, continue to increase 7S on-site management, people-oriented, and create a rigorous, efficient, tolerant and loving work environment for The company will continue to take off in 2020 to help fuel.

In 2020, Soaring Goofy will surely base itself on China and look globally, making our products more diversified, technology more advanced, and service more perfect. We will spare no effort to increase scientific and technological research and development, for the enterprise, for the industry, for the bridge and tunnel business of the whole world, for the travel and welfare of the people, build the Goofy brand, shoulder the backbone of China, and write national pride.

At the beginning of the new year of 2020, Huang Gaofei, Chairman of Luoyang Gaofeiqiao Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd., with all staff, wishes everyone from all walks of life, good work, good health, happy family and good luck!