Gaofei Tunnel Epidemic Prevention and Control Orderly Resumption and Production Resumption

In the New Year of the Rat in 2020, a new crown virus swept across the land of China. Suddenly, the epidemic was an order! A nationwide rapid battle to “resolutely win the new crown virus epidemic prevention and control fight” this smoke-free smoke war, come on Wuhan! Come on China! Everyone sent a sincere cry from the bottom of my heart, and I believe that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, Wuhan and China will definitely win the battle against the smokeless epidemic prevention and control!

The Gaofei Tunnel resolutely responds to the requirements of the Luoyang City Coronavirus Prevention and Control Headquarters and municipal, district, and township departments at all levels, publicizes the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, stabilizes employees’ emotions, and isolates themselves at home to ensure the health of themselves and their families. Seek medical treatment in a timely manner if you have fever, cough, etc., and report to the management department and file with the company to protect yourself during the epidemic. The Gaofeiqiao Tunnel has always taken the lives and health of the people as the starting point, effectively safeguarded the fundamental interests of the majority of employees, fulfilled the company’s obligations and assumed social responsibilities. Under the leadership of the superior department, it tried to postpone the resumption and resumption of work as much as possible to protect employees to the greatest extent Healthy body.

Before the resumption of work, the Gaofei Tunnel actively prepared various anti-epidemic materials in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Prevention and Control Headquarters and higher authorities, formulated various systems, programs, regulations, emergency measures and various record books according to requirements, and produced a new type of coronavirus epidemic prevention. Control publicity exhibition boards, banners, manuals for employees ‘epidemic prevention and control, set up a company’s epidemic prevention and control command team, set up special isolation rooms, emergency prevention and control emergency vehicles and other measures to maximize the protection of employees’ epidemic prevention materials.


On February 23, under the on-site acceptance of the superior department, the company procedures and materials passed the acceptance. At the request of the superior department, the Gaofeiqiao Tunnel will do a good job of registration before resuming work. “Must”, “Five in place”, “Four insists”, strictly implement the zero-report system, rigorously clarify all disciplines, increase publicity and guidance, and prevent effectively. Resolutely do a good job of safety inspection of facilities and equipment in the factory area, disinfection three times a day, temperature detection twice, entering personnel, workshop and other detection registration, do not get together or eat together, ventilate the dormitory, do not pass through the store, focus on disinfection in key locations, etc. The superior reports and reports the company’s situation and the newly added returnees roster and employee health certification materials. The company should fulfill its duties and obligations to ensure the physical and mental health of employees.


“Employees are the treasures of the company”. Only if the interests of employees are truly protected and everything is considered for the employees, the company can stand firmly, go for a long time and run fast, and finally serve our customers well. The epidemic took some time, but the employees who resumed production and resumed work remained enthusiastic, and the new purpose of serving customers completely remained unchanged. The epidemic is an order! I believe that under the wise leadership of the state and higher authorities, and with the unremitting efforts of the returnees of the Gaofei Tunnel, the country and our company will surely win the battle against the smokeless epidemic prevention and control!

Come on in Wuhan! Go China!

Make up for lost time! A new high in 2020!