Introduction of the integrated grouting machine for tunnel lining

Tunnel lining grouting machine is a special grouting machine for tunnel lining, also known as vault belt mould grouting machine, tunnel grouting machine, mainly used for tunnel lining trolley vault belt mould grouting construction. Mixing, pulping, stocking, grouting, automatic printing flow and pressure, etc. are integrated into one. With the addition of touch screen function, the operation is simpler and the use is more convenient. Tunnel lining grouting integrated machine is a new type of multifunctional construction machine successfully developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology. The main characteristics of tunnel lining grouting integrated machine are high pumping working pressure and high production efficiency. The tunnel lining grouting integrated machine adopts a two-layer design, upper grouting, lower grouting, front grouting, automatic printing of grouting flow, realizing a piece of equipment to “beat the world”, reducing equipment investment, and improving grouting efficiency. It also reduces the labor intensity of field workers.

Working principle of tunnel lining system grouting integrated machine

Tunnel lining vault belt mould grouting construction technology, 4 vertical grouting holes are set on the vault template of the tunnel_second lining trolley, and reactive powder super high-strength concrete (RPC) grouting pipes are installed in the holes, and the second lining concrete 1 to 2 hours after pouring is completed, grouting is started before demolding.

The grouting material adopts high-fluidity, micro-expansion and early-strength retarding filling mortar, which forms an organic whole with the second-lined concrete, which solves the shortcomings of the traditional grout and the second-lined concrete “two skins”. The grouting is operated by a tunnel lining and grouting integrated machine. The grouting material has the characteristics of micro-expansion, high fluidity, early strength, no bleeding, and slow setting. It not only plays a role in cavity filling, but also can compensate or repair The role of the defects of the second lining concrete.

Technical advantages of tunnel lining and grouting integrated machine

Grouting with mold

1. By simplifying the pre-embedded pipe and grouting construction process, improving the grouting tooling and the lining micro-expansion grouting binder, the concealed project of the lining vault pouring is transformed into a “visible” project to prevent the defects of the lining vault.

2. The micro-expansion grouting binder can repair construction gaps, cold joints, and concrete imperfections, lack of edges and corners, etc.; through the penetration of the slurry, the damage of the waterproof board is blocked, forming a “mushroom” plug, which has a water blocking function.

3. The tunnel lining and grouting integrated machine integrates mixing, slurry making, slurry storage, and grouting. It has a high grouting pressure and can fully overcome the pipeline resistance of the low water-to-material ratio slurry and the vertical transportation of the slurry. Resistance.

4. With the support of the lining trolley, the concrete can be grouted in time after pouring. The construction time is short and does not affect other processes.

5. Count the grouting volume of each ring lining, implement process management and assessment, and force the construction team to improve the quality of lining grouting.

Preparations before grouting of the tunnel lining system grouting integrated machine

1. After the tunnel lining trolley is reformed, connect the main grout joint with valve pressure excitation gauge and quick joint to the main grouting hole.

2. One piece of tunnel lining grouting machine is placed under the tunnel lining, and placed aside, with safety warning reflective strips attached.

3. Prepare sufficient grouting materials and place them near the tunnel lining-making grouting integrated machine, and the bottom must be moisture-proof and waterproof to prevent all kinds of grouting materials from being soaked with water during construction.

Grouting with mold

Integrated machine-made grouting process for tunnel lining and grouting

1. Calculate the amount of material and mixing water for each plate according to the material ratio, and use a special water container.

2. Start the mixer, first add half of the grouting material, then add all the mixing water, and then continue to add the other half of the grouting material, stir for 2 to 3 minutes, and mix into a uniform slurry.

3. Open the discharge valve of the pulping bucket to make the slurry flow out of the pulping bucket quickly, and then close the discharge valve of the pulping bucket.

4. Circular pulping according to the above-mentioned pulping process.

The grouting operation process of the tunnel lining grouting integrated machine

1. After the slurry is put into the storage tank, put the grouting pipe on the edge of the drain, start the grouting machine, and after all the water in the pipe body is squeezed out, stop the grouting machine.

2. Lift the grouting pipe head onto the lining trolley and connect it with the grouting joint of the trolley. The grouting pipe is fixed to the trolley, and the suspended part is fixed to the side of the trolley.

3. Start the tunnel lining and grouting integrated machine to start grouting. The grouting sequence is from the main grouting hole to the end mold grouting hole.

Grouting with mold

4. During the grouting process, observe the grouting situation of the trolley pressure gauge and the end mold. If the mortar leaks at the highest point of the end mold arc, stop the tunnel lining and grouting integrated machine first, and block the leakage in time, and then continue grouting until the end mortar density is consistent with that in the pulping machine . Change to the next grouting hole, and so on. When grouting, if the pressure gauge at the trolley exceeds 1.0MPa, go directly to the next grouting hole. Each grouting hole needs to be grouted, but when the grouting hole that is not grouted during the grouting of other holes flows out to reach the same density of slurry, the hole can be closed without grouting. The RPC grouting pipe must be full, and the RPC grouting pipe should be sealed in time when the grouting connector is replaced after the grouting is completed.

5. End grouting. The grouting of each hole is completed, and the density of the slurry at the highest point of the end mold is consistent with that in the slurry tank, and the grouting is completed.

6. Record the total amount of grouting, the start time and end time of grouting.