What are the commonly used mechanical equipment for tunnel construction

Now, the degree of mechanization of tunnel construction is relatively high. Generally speaking, in addition to understanding the configuration principles of tunnel construction, the following equipment will be used in the construction process: concrete mixing plant, concrete transport truck, concrete pump, generator set, Large-capacity transformers, high-lift pumps, constant-pressure water supply equipment, large electric air compressors, rock drills, high-power fans, dump trucks, side-turn loaders, excavators, concrete jets, grouting machines, complete steel bar processing equipment , Tunnel formwork trolley, crushed stone processing equipment and special formwork for self-processing, etc.

Concrete mixing station: responsible for mixing concrete used in tunnels and mixing dry sprayed concrete.

Concrete truck: Transport the mixed concrete to the place of use.

Concrete pump: Pump the concrete in the concrete truck to the pouring site.

Generator set: As the backup power for the tunnel power supply, when the grid power fails, the generator will start to supply power.

The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

Large transformer: Provide electricity for tunnel construction.

High-lift pump: pump the water from the lower part of the water into a pool about 50 meters above the top of the tunnel, and then take over it as the high-pressure water source for tunnel construction.

Constant pressure water supply equipment: when there is no high-level pool, provide rated pressure water equipment to the high-pressure pipe network.
Large air compressor: Provide high-pressure wind to the tunnel construction face. Generally, the wind pressure reaches 5-7kg/cm2.

Rock drill: commonly known as pneumatic drill, equipment for drilling blastholes.

Side mold cylinder

High-power ventilator: It is an important equipment for tunnel ventilation to ensure the air quality in the tunnel.
Dump truck: Generally, a large dump truck of 12 to 15 tons is used for the transportation of caverns.

Rollover loader: loading equipment to load the caverns on the dump truck.

Excavator: remove loose ballast from working face and excavation of tunnel invert.

Concrete Shotcrete: Shotcrete equipment.

Grouting machine: grouting into the ground or bolt hole.

Grouting with mold

Rebar processing equipment: processing rebar.

Tunnel formwork trolley: As a large overall formwork for tunnel lining, it can move forward and backward by itself, and is equipped with hydraulic cylinders both horizontally and vertically.

Crushed stone processing equipment: The cave ball is processed into crushed stone and used as concrete material.

The main machinery or unit in the tunnel construction equipment determines the construction method and the construction schedule of the project. Choosing the machine correctly and matching it into a “complete set of machines” can make full use of the group’s effectiveness of the machine to achieve the desired effect of construction mechanization.