Happy News|Congratulations to our company for the certification of intellectual property standards

Good news and even good news, a fruitful new story!

Following the “GB/T9001-2018 (ISO9001:2008)” quality management system certification and “GJB9001C-2017” weapons and equipment quality management system certification, our company has once again won the certification of intellectual property standards!

After eight months of preparation, and the internal intellectual property standards system was put into trial operation for six months, on October 28, 2019, it passed the intellectual property management system certification of China Standard (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. and won the certification of intellectual property management system. ! In addition to the active cooperation of various departments of the company, thank the certification body and the tutor for comprehensive counseling!

The company carried out the implementation of the intellectual property management system according to its own development needs, and actively operated in accordance with the intellectual property management standards from the leadership to all departments. After a period of operation, the company has greatly improved the awareness of intellectual property protection and is developing in the direction of standardization. It has a certain level of understanding and understanding of intellectual property policies, objectives and system documents, and can effectively use system documentation to guide work. Carrying out; the ability to continuously implement improvements and evaluation of work effectiveness, and the level of intellectual property management in the department has been improved.

Gaofei people have been working hard and striving for a small goal..