What are the performance advantages of the automatic invert trestle?

Tunnel invert construction has always been an important factor affecting construction progress and quality control. In order to reduce the interference of invert construction on ballast vehicles and achieve the goal of accelerating construction progress, our company has developed a new automatic control hydraulic invert trestle.

The automatic invert trestle has the following advantages:

1. Modular assembly structure: The automatic inverted arch trestle adopts a plate-beam structure, which can be quickly modularized and assembled to realize variable span and convenient transportation.

Crawler Hydraulic inverting bridge formwork

2. Cantilever mobile structure: The automatic inverted arch trestle realizes the front cantilever, and the whole machine can be cantilevered. It has the function of retreating across the pit, avoiding the impact of the tunnel face and the inverted blasting flying rocks. The inverted arch trestle bridge can be crossed or withdrawn from the invert construction area at any time according to the technological requirements of the tunnel construction operation.

3. Hydraulic drive mode: The whole machine part of the automatic invert trestle adopts hydraulic drive, which has flexible control, simple structure, low noise, stable and reliable performance, and convenient maintenance and repair.

4. Sliding shoe walking mode: The trestle adopts a sliding shoe walking mode, which has the advantages of compact structure, small space occupation, no noise, stable and reliable walking, etc. The selected high-performance wear-resistant materials have long service life , simple maintenance and repair etc.

Wheeled Hydraulic inverting bridge formwork

5. Automatic control system: The trestle introduces an automatic PLC control system, which uses microcomputer operation to realize automatic walking, which greatly facilitates driving operations.

6. High construction safety: The overall structure is novel and reasonable in design, with large carrying capacity, stable structure and reliable safety, which provides safety guarantee for construction vehicles and operators.

The invert is one of the main components of the tunnel structure, and it is the foundation of the tunnel structure. In terms of it, the ground pressure on the upper part of the tunnel is transmitted to the underground through the side wall structure of the tunnel or the load on the road surface, and some resist the reaction force from the ground under the tunnel. In fact, it is a kind of foundation beam (slab) that can withstand the permanent load of the ground and the temporary load of the road surface (dynamic load). For this reason, the stress state of the invert is more complicated.

Judging from the examples of internal and external traffic tunnel engineering diseases, due to the design and construction of the tunnel invert structure, there are many examples of tunnel structural instability, road surface settlement and cracking, and mud and mud. For this reason, the invert structure must be refined, and its structure must meet the specifications and design requirements.