Common problems and solutions of lining trolley

In recent years, lining trolleys have been used more and more widely in the construction of railways and highways. The relevant Ministry of Construction has also paid more and more attention to the quality of tunnel lining, and required the design, production and use of lining trolleys. Also getting higher and higher. However, due to the relatively weak ability of some construction workers to deal with the related performance and common problems of the trolley, the quality of the lining failed to achieve the expected effect. We now summarize some common problems and treatment methods about lining trolleys as follows, hoping to give you some reference.

Common problems of lining trolley

Water conservancy and hydropower lining trolley
1. What are the preparations for the installation of the lining trolley?
The tunnel lining trolley must be prepared for the following installation work when it arrives at the construction site: installation site, sleepers and rails, lifting equipment, 6-8 installation assistants, welding machines, gas cutting equipment, wood planks, generally requiring a thickness of more than 5cm.
2. How to determine the center line of the trolley
When positioning the trolley, you must first determine the center line of the trolley. The method to determine the center line is very simple. There is a positioning cross line at the top center position. The intersection is the center line point of the trolley that the manufacturer has set before making the trolley. And draw the gravity vertical line, you can find the center line of the trolley.
3. How to locate
Before the tunnel lining trolley performs lining work, the tunnel lining trolley must be positioned so that the profile section size of the tunnel lining trolley is consistent with the required size.
4, the overall deformation of the platform
After the lining trolley is impacted, it has different degrees of deformation, which is invisible to the naked eye. It will affect the forming effect after the infusion is stressed. This small degree of deformation will gradually increase the degree of deformation after multiple infusion operations. It will seriously affect the overall deformation of the platform, so the trolley mast must be hung with obvious slow-moving and no-go signs.
5. The sinking problem of rail sleepers
The sleepers must have steel plate support pads, and the sleepers used on the rails must not have rotten sleepers, especially under the wheel sets.
6. Which release agent is used for the lining trolley?
In order to make the tunnel lining trolley better demould and make the concrete surface smooth and smooth, it is generally necessary to use a release agent. The choice of the release agent depends on the specific situation of the user. Generally, there are the following types Method: professional mold release agent, machine oil, vegetable oil, template paint, the template paint can be brushed once after three to five molds.
7. How to measure the section size of the lining trolley
When the jacking cylinder is designed below, because the cylinders on both sides hinder the direct measurement of the measuring tool, it is not easy to measure the wide point and other dimensions of the tunnel lining trolley. A horizontal line can be drawn on the template of the tunnel lining trolley, and the height of both sides can be the same through tools such as a level, and a rod (such as fine rebar, etc.) can be welded, and then the rod can be drawn out by measuring to obtain its cross-sectional width size.
The above is the analysis of the common problems of the lining trolley. As long as you carefully observe and compare the analysis, find the reasons, continue to summarize, strengthen the training of construction personnel, fix the first-line construction personnel, strictly operate the rules, strengthen the concrete construction process and other aspects to take effective improvements. The measures can completely make the lining quality meet the standard requirements and reach a satisfactory level.