What are the maintenance aspects of the lining trolley?

In the process of constructing the secondary lining of the tunnel, the tunnel lining trolley is a kind of special tunnel lining equipment that must be used. This is to ensure the safety of use after the tunnel is completed. The tunnel lining trolley is very important in the tunnel construction. After a lot of work, in order to avoid problems, it is also necessary to maintain the tunnel lining trolley. Today, let’s learn about the maintenance of the lining trolley.

Maintenance of lining trolley

The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

1. Replace the hydraulic oil after 15 working cycles of the trolley, and mold release agent must be applied to the template during each working cycle.
2. Grease the screw jacks in each working cycle to remove the concrete on the surface of the portal frame, jacks and formwork.
3. When pouring concrete, the piston rod of each cylinder must be covered to prevent concrete from falling on the surface of the piston rod.
4. After each demolding, check whether the connecting bolts are loose, and tighten them if they are loose. The five molds must be fully tightened with connecting bolts to prevent gaps and misalignments between the trolley templates.
5. Check whether the power supply of the trolley furnace is normal, check whether the connection of the grounding device is in good condition, whether there is open phase, short circuit or bare wire.
6. Check whether the heating element is damaged, whether the contact of each connection is good, and whether there is any contact with the furnace body.
7. Check whether the temperature control system is operating normally, regularly check the use of heating elements, and check whether the furnace door lifts and the trolley enters and exits normally.
8. The motor and reducer of the trolley furnace need to be inspected regularly, add lubricating oil, etc., pay attention to safety in use; the drive shaft sleeve must be regularly inspected and added lubricating oil to prevent damage to the shaft sleeve due to lack of oil.
9. Regularly check the usage of the meter and thermocouple to prevent incorrect temperature measurement caused by the error of the meter and thermocouple.

The above content is an introduction to the maintenance of the tunnel lining trolley. I hope it can be helpful to you in the next construction work. Gaofei Machinery is a company that integrates R&D, production, sales, installation and maintenance services of bridges, tunnels, and mechanical equipment. An integrated company, welcome to contact Gaofei.