Congratulations on our company’s certification of weapons and equipment quality management system


In the autumn of September, good news was passed. After the Beijing Air Transport Association’s “GB/T9001-2018 (ISO9001:2008)” quality management system certification, Luoyang Gaofei Bridge Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully passed the Beijing Aviation Association’s “GJB9001C-2017” weapon. Equipment quality management system certification, which marks that our company has become “the earliest military private enterprise supporting bridge and tunnel equipment in the industry”.


This award is not a day’s work. The company is strategically arranged and carefully arranged. Every stage is painstaking and step by step. Every journey pursues quality, pays attention to word of mouth, steadily and steadily, and gradually builds the “Gaofei” brand. After several years of accumulation, after careful preparation by various departments for several months, after several strict reviews, on September 18, 2019, it was finally awarded the national military standard management department and the military industry system safety production standardization evaluation agency – China Aviation Industry Association Certification, and obtain the weapon equipment quality management system certification!

The acquisition of the certificate also marks that our products not only meet the production standards, industry standards, but also meet the military standards! This is a manifestation of our comprehensive strength, and we are proud of it, both glory and responsibility! Regardless of military or civilian use, we always adhere to the principle of “rigorous refinement, innovation and efficiency”. We will continue to develop on the road of development, strictly control the quality, and pledge to make the bridge and tunnel equipment into a fine product, so that the equipment can enjoy the military quality.

I believe that thick accumulation will surely hit the sky, we have been working hard.

Luoyang Gaofei Bridge Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in full hydraulic steel formwork tunnel lining trolley series, inverted arch trestle, inverted arch trolley, fully automatic waterproof board trolley, ditch cable trough trolley, maintenance trolley, open Digging trolleys and other series, shield machine accessories, various tunnel templates and accessories series required for trolleys.

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