How should the tunnel lining trolley be maintained?

Tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

Tunnel lining trolleys will play a vital role in real life, especially in the use of industry will be able to play their biggest role, of course, often in the process of actual equipment processing, can not be separated from such A product that how to maintain it when it is actually used is something that many people want to know.

1) The tunnel lining trolley must be operated continuously for 15 working days during the maintenance process, and the hydraulic oil inside should be replaced after the cycle.

2) Every work cycle should be buttered to the top of the screw, and for the gantry or the concrete on the stencil and related stencils, be sure to pay attention to effective cleaning.

3) Each mold cycle must be coated with more release agent.

4) If concrete tunneling is to be carried out in a tunnel lining trolley, more piston rods must be covered on top to prevent concrete from falling on the piston rod surface.

5) After each time the tunnel lining trolley is demoulded, the bolts of each component should be effectively checked to see if they are loose. If there is looseness, tighten it. If it is not loose, then Be sure to better prevent the surface from appearing staggered.

Tunnel lining trolley daily use precautions

1. If you want to use the tunnel lining trolley, you must find the relevant operation manual to carry out effective installation and installation before use. All the processes need to check whether each component has a firm link one by one. It depends on their actual installation. In the case, after installation, you must also try again, to see if the rotation of the entire vehicle is flexible. Of course, when the installation is actually carried out, there will be various installation methods.

2. Nowadays, in the actual installation process of the tunnel lining trolley, the relevant position is basically to start the vertical mold. When the switch is started, the operator should cooperate with some other vehicles to install, so that the shape of the whole template can be reached. There is a construction requirement. When the entire formwork meets the construction requirements, the upper and lower templates will be precisely combined, and then the template of the entire tunnel lining trolley will be closed. After the two templates are assembled up and down, the concrete can be poured. By transporting the concrete to the relevant formwork trolley, basically, it is possible to perform better perfusion, and to maintain the balance of the trolley.

3. After the tunnel lining trolley is demoulded, the work can be completed after the strength of the inverted concrete reaches a certain operational requirement.

Tunnel lining trolley This kind of equipment will belong to a unique equipment in real life, and the whole equipment must be paid attention to when using it. It must be maintained and maintained by this professional. Otherwise, if it is true If you want to operate, you should also choose a professional person to operate. Only in this way can you bring better protection to prevent problems later.