Detailed introduction of each part of lining trolley

Double-track railway lining trolley

The lining trolley is generally composed of a template assembly, a bracket assembly, a translation mechanism, a mast assembly, a master-slave travel mechanism, a lateral hydraulic cylinder, a lateral support jack, a bracket support jack, and a mast support jack.

1. Formwork assembly: The formwork consists of 1 ~ 2 top molds and 2 ~ 4 side molds. The top mold and top mold are connected by bolts, and the side mold and top mold are connected by a hinge shaft. Each section of the template is made 1.5 meters wide and is composed of multiple sections. The templates are bolted together. The template is provided with a work window arranged in a character shape, and a grouting device with an interface of a delivery pump Φ125 is installed on the top.

2. Bracket assembly: The bracket mainly bears the weight of the upper concrete and formwork during casting. It supports the formwork on the upper part and transmits the force to the mast through the hydraulic oil cylinder and the support jack. The bracket is composed of two longitudinal beams, two side beams, multiple middle beams and columns. The longitudinal beams are welded by steel plates into an I-shaped section; the side beams and multiple middle beams are made of I-beams; the columns are made of I-beams.

3. The translation mechanism: a hydraulic trolley, the front and rear sets of the translation mechanism, it is supported on the side frame of the mast. The hydraulic cylinder (GE160 / 90─300) on the translation trolley is connected to the bracket longitudinal beam. The vertical positioning and demolding of the template are adjusted by the contraction of the cylinder. The adjustment stroke is 300mm; and the horizontal cylinder (GE90 / 50─200) It is used to adjust whether the lining center of the template and the center of the tunnel are centered. The left and right adjustable stroke is 100mm.

4. Mast assembly: The mast is the main load-bearing component of the entire trolley. It is composed of beams, columns and longitudinal beams connected by bolts, and the beams and columns are connected by connecting beams and cable stays. The main structure of the hydraulic trolley is welded by steel plates, and the entire mast is guaranteed to have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability. The mast beam is welded by steel plate to I or II cross section; the column is also welded by I-shaped steel to I or II cross section; the longitudinal beam is welded by steel plate; the inclined support is made of I-shaped steel or channel steel; each connecting beam is slotted Steel, I-beam or angle.

5. Master-slave running mechanism: There are two sets of master-slave running mechanism for hydraulic trolleys, which are hinged on the longitudinal beam of the mast. The main traveling mechanism is decelerated by a Y-motor driven gear and then decelerated by two chains. Its traveling speed is 8m / min and the diameter of the traveling wheel is φ350mm.

6. Side hydraulic cylinders: side hydraulic cylinders are mainly used for demoulding the side template, and at the same time it plays the role of supporting the template. Lateral cylinders (GE100 / 63─400), 4 cylinders are selected according to the lining length, and the adjustment stroke is 250mm.

7. Lateral screw jack: The screw jack installed on the mast is used to support and adjust the position of the formwork to withstand the pressure generated when the concrete is poured. The screw diameter is 65mm and its adjustment stroke is 250mm. Consider the unique screw of this trolley is a single screw.

8. Bracket support jack: It is mainly to improve the stress conditions of the bracket longitudinal beam when pouring concrete, to ensure the reliability and stability of the bracket. The screw diameter is 65mm and its adjustment stroke is 150mm.

9. The mast support jack: It is connected under the mast longitudinal beam. When the trolley is working, it is supported on the track surface to bear the weight of the mast and concrete, improve the stress conditions of the mast longitudinal beam, and ensure the work of the mast. When the mast is stable. Screw diameter is 65mm and its adjustment stroke is 200mm