What are the safe operating procedures for lining trolleys in building construction?

The lining trolley is a necessary equipment in the secondary lining of the tunnel construction process and is used for the concrete lining construction of the tunnel inner wall.

Lining trolleys are indispensable non-standard products for secondary lining during tunnel construction. They mainly include simple lining trolleys, hydraulic automatic walking lining trolleys and grid-type lining trolleys. The hydraulic lining trolley can be further divided into side top arch type, round pin beam type, bottom die pin beam type, round passing type and so on. In the construction of hydraulic tunnels and bridges, lifting slipforms, jacking slipforms and turning forms are also commonly used.


Operating regulations for lining trolleys

(1) Before the trolley works, do a good job in the inspection and grounding of the trolley, check the power phase sequence and leakage protection devices to avoid reverse running caused by the trolley leakage and the motor reverse.

(2) The operator must be trained and familiar with the performance, structure and principle of the lining trolley, and only after passing the examination and obtaining the operation certificate, can the operator operate.

(3) Operators should fasten their straps when working at heights, and pay attention not to drop tools and other objects to hurt people.

(4) Check that the rail spacing must meet the requirements, and the plywood and sleepers should be intact. There are no dangerous rocks and obstacles in the direction of the trolley, and the mechanical braking system is intact. After confirming that each department is intact, go ahead and sound the horn.

The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

(5) When the trolley is walking, someone should direct it. Protective posts should be set at the top, rear, left, right, and top of the trolley. Operators should obey instructions and strictly guard their posts.

(6) Carry out the P system and make sure that the front and back are sturdy. After being fully prepared, the commander shall use the correct gesture or whistle to prevail and ring back to warn before starting. Before passing through the formwork, you must stop and inspect all parts for obstacles, and then start to pass when it is confirmed to be correct.

(7) The lifting equipment of the trolley must comply with the regulations and must not be replaced arbitrarily, and someone is responsible for the operation. Lifting must be carefully checked by various departments. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the equipment when lifting. Make sure that the lifting equipment is working before working.