How to improve the construction efficiency of tunnel waterproof board laying formwork

It is understood that the water ditch cable trough is the final project of the tunnel’s preliminary construction, which is responsible for the drainage, the shielding interference of the control cable, and the protection function of the cable in the heavy corrosive environment. The construction process is relatively cumbersome, and the construction pays more attention to details. For this reason, the project engineering department has made sufficient arrangements and arrangements.

Construction preparation

Technical personnel are required to supervise and manage on-site, and strictly control the quality of the project. First, make reasonable deployment of equipment and material personnel, and secondly make technical clarifications to the work team. Operators are required to strictly follow the design drawings and construction technical specifications.

Process control

Strengthen the quality control of each process, first measure the line, and accurately locate the size of the cable trough according to the construction drawings; then clean the base, before the construction of the tunnel cable trough, clean the silt and debris in the tunnel. Chiseling is carried out in the height range of the cable trough of the side wall, followed by the installation of the steel bar of the groove wall, the installation of the waterproof and drainage system, the installation of the formwork and the washing of the base surface, the concrete pouring, demoulding, curing, cover paving, etc. Process.

Advantages of automatic tunnel waterproof board laying formwork

Tunnel waterproof board laying formwork

1. Fast construction speed

Adopting traditional manual backward transportation and moulding construction, the construction progress of single-sided trenches is 4-6 meters per day, and both sides are 60 to 90 meters per month; automatic tunnel waterproof board laying formwork is adopted, and simultaneous construction on both sides can reach 360 to 720 meters per month. , Which is more than 5 times that of traditional construction methods, greatly speeding up the progress of tunnel construction.

2. Good integrity

After lining, the groove section is standardized and standardized, with beautiful appearance, precise alignment, beautiful seams and smooth line.

3. High degree of mechanization

It saves manpower and reduces the labor intensity of the operators. The original operator was about 5 to 6, but now only 2 people can operate.

Double-track railway lining trolley

4. Good on-site civilized construction

The construction site of the traditional water trench cable trough was manually assembled, erected, positioned, and transported. The site was messy. The automatic tunnel waterproof board laying formwork was used to complete the work and quickly deploy to ensure the site is clean and tidy.

5. Easy to disassemble and transfer

It can be recycled and used for many times, the car can be freely disassembled and combined, and the structural parts are designed reasonably, which is convenient for transportation and transfer.

The gutter cable trough adopts a single-sided cable trough trolley manufactured by the mechanical work area of ​​the project. The trolley has the advantages of small space occupation, convenient movement and reasonable structure design. The demolding system is hydraulically designed, which shortens the demolding time. , It also protects the forming of the water trench cable trough, and ensures the straight edges of the water trench cable trough.