What is the role of a two-lined trolley?

The second lining trolley refers to the tunnel two lining trolley is an important part of the tunnel construction, the tunnel concrete lining is indispensable construction equipment!
The lining lining trolley is a special equipment that must be used in the secondary lining of the tunnel construction process, and is used for lining the inner wall of the tunnel. The lining lining trolley is an indispensable non-standard product for the secondary lining during tunnel construction. It mainly consists of simple lining trolley, tunnel lining trolley walking system and grid lining trolley. The fully hydraulic lining trolley can be divided into a side arch type, a full round needle beam type, a bottom mold needle beam type, a full circle walking type and the like. Lifting slipforms, jacking slipforms and overturning are also commonly used in hydraulic tunnels and bridge construction.
Full-round lining trolleys are often used in the construction of hydraulic tunnels. Longitudinal joints are not allowed in tunnels. When the span of hydraulic tunnels is large, full-circle-passing is generally used; side-arched lining trolleys are most commonly used. It is commonly used in the secondary lining construction of roads, railway tunnels and underground caverns.
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