Five maintenance methods for tunnel construction lining trolley

Luoyang Gaofei Bridge Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. is led by the technical elite of the former China Railway Tunnel Group Machinery Factory, the tunnel machinery equipment industry experts and professional sales team. Over the years, the company specializes in tunnel steel formwork lining trolleys, tunnel waterproof board trolleys, tunnel gutter cable trough trolleys, middle partition wall trolleys, inverting arch bridges, inverting arch formwork trolleys, tunnel maintenance trolleys, water conservancy radio stations. Vehicle, single-track railway vehicle steering platform, urban subway city underground pipe lining trolley, various formwork and trolley accessories. Here is a brief introduction to its maintenance methods:


(1) The hydraulic oil is replaced after the work of the trolley for 15 working cycles.

(2) Apply butter to the screw jacks in each working cycle to remove the concrete from the gantry, the jack and the surface of the formwork.

(3) The mold release agent must be applied to the template for each work cycle.

(4) The piston rods of each cylinder must be covered when pouring concrete to prevent concrete from falling on the surface of the piston rod.

(5) After each demoulding, check whether the connecting bolts are loose or not. If loose, tighten them. The five-die must fully tighten the coupling bolts to prevent gaps and misalignment between the pallet templates.