Four positioning analysis of lining trolley

Before the lining work, the trolley must be positioned to make the cross-sectional dimensions of the trolley consistent with the required dimensions. After the trolley walks to the section to be lined, it is positioned by the following actions:


(1) Adjust the center line of the trolley by operating the translation cylinder of the hydraulic system to align it with the centerline of the tunnel;

(2) Operate the hydraulic system jacking cylinder to raise the trolley to the standard lining height, and then tighten the foundation jack, then review the height dimension;

(3) Operate the hydraulic system so that the lateral cylinder piston rod extends and reaches the standard lining section, and then manually pulls the lateral support screw to make it reach the lateral cylinder support position and tighten;

(4) After completing the above actions, the section size should be reviewed to prevent errors.

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