Jintai Railway Jiangjunling Tunnel


The Jintai Railway Jiangjunling Tunnel has been completed. The Zhejiang Railway Network has added a 10,000-meter long tunnel.

On the morning of December 5, a valley in the junction of Xianju County and Jinhua Chun’an County, dozens of Jintai Railway builders gathered here. The mountain roads are difficult to stop, and they can’t stop their pace; the mountains are winding, but they don’t care about the beauty. After more than 900 days and nights of hard work, the key control project of the Jintai Railway, the Junjunling Tunnel, was completed on the same day. At this point, the heavy mountain of Yokohama no longer blocks the two places.
On January 4, 2016, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Jintai Railway was held in the leading section of the Jiangjunling Tunnel. The builders used the four “most” to describe the project: it was the earliest tunnel in the whole line and the longest tunnel in the whole line; it was the longest tunnel in the whole line, with a total length of 12.808 km; it was the most difficult of the whole line. The tunnel has extremely complicated geological conditions, high environmental protection requirements and difficult transportation.
“Tunnel construction, what we do is to open the road every mountain!” Huang Jiubin, deputy chief engineer of the 3rd project manager of Jintai Railway, used a set of data to illustrate the difficulty of the operation: the temperature of the original rock in the tunnel site can reach up to 39.08 °C. The upper limit of the physical and mental health and working efficiency of the workers specified by the super-standard is 25 °C; the tunnel passes through 20 fault-fractured zones, 5 sections of rock-blasting zones, and 3 sections of shallow-buried biased sections. “Some have to be repaired on cliffs and landslides. The access road can lead to the construction of the hole; some have to repair the river dam in the upper reaches of the river to ensure the safety of the construction during the mountain period.” He cited, for example, the inclined shaft of the tunnel No. 1 to the exit section, due to the large depth of the ground, the development of groundwater, plus Jian Stones, secondary stones and horizontal rock formations are intertwined, which can easily lead to the occurrence of rock bursts, water inrush and slippage.


Faced with the construction problems caused by complex geological environment, Jintai Railway Company and the construction side China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group cooperated to develop a scientific research system, and researched and upgraded and applied a number of new technologies and processes. Such as tunnel 3D cross-section detector detection technology, tunnel two-lining anti-cavity detection technology, manipulator spray technology, mobile trestle construction inverting arch filling technology, etc., a number of new processes are the first application here, laying a solid foundation for safe and rapid construction. The foundation has created the highest record for the entire line of continuous excavation footage of more than 220 meters for 6 consecutive months.
The tunnel penetrated the scene, and the same smiles as the builders, as well as the villagers in Putian Village, Hengxi Town, Xianju County. “Go, let’s go and see the tunnel that has been opened.” Several old folks are coming to the helmet and go to the tunnel. It is this road under their feet that will change the history of the railway.
It is reported that since the beginning of this year, various projects of the Jintai Railway have progressed smoothly. The 24 participating units and more than 10,000 builders across the board are full of enthusiasm. In the past two months, seven tunnels, such as Niuheling Tunnel, Jiulong Tunnel, Ziyan Tunnel and Yanxia Tunnel, have been continuously connected. The land acquisition and demolition tasks have been basically completed. The construction of Jintai Railway will be transferred from the offline to the line, and the new one will be opened. Construction chapter.