Luoyang Gaofei went to China Railway Equipment to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation!


Luoyang Gaofei and China Railway Equipment (China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Tunnel Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) are long-term strategic partners. For a long time, they have been interacting with each other and have been promoted. Due to the invitation of China Railway Equipment, when the business managers of various regions returned to the first quarter meeting, on March 28, 2019, our general manager Cheng Chaoliang led the team to bring the business elite. The technical team went to visit and exchange to discuss the cooperation direction and sales policy of tunnel equipment and product related knowledge this year.

The exchange was highly valued by the leaders of China Railway Equipment. Wei Jin, deputy general manager, Cui Wenbin, deputy chief economist, and Wang Bosong, chief technical officer, personally received the visit, learned and exchanged, and cultured, on-site management, product development, and The knowledge of tunnel equipment products and the development of domestic and international markets have gained a deeper understanding.
Since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties in early 2018, the relevant business cooperation has been carried out frequently, which has laid a good foundation for the cooperation between the two parties and has taken the first step of a win-win situation. After friendly talks, the two sides reached a deepening cooperation intention in TBM, shield supporting products, three-arm drilling rigs, wet spray machines, steel arches and other projects, and agreed on the next cooperation policy in future business cooperation.