Warmly celebrate the successful holding of our 2019 second quarter marketing conference

In June, at the end of the middle of the year, in order to sum up the past and clear the goal, our company held the “2019 Second Quarter Marketing Work Conference” at the Group Headquarters from July 1st to 3rd, 2019. This meeting can be said to be a summary. With the report, the training and improvement of peers, achievements and honors, and struggle and determination.


In the second quarter, it was the continuation and breakthrough of the “opening the door” activities in the first quarter, and it was also the reaffirmation and shaping of the “quality year” and “image year” of Luoyang Gaofei. Under the leadership of the company, under the correct leadership of the sales manager, under the joint efforts of the three regional managers and all the business staff, the company successfully won more than 58 million and basically completed the sales target for the second quarter of 2019. It also laid a solid foundation for the realization of the annual sales target.

Gao Fei’s sales team is an excellent team and a young team. It is hard-working, energetic, “wolf” and lacking. At the same time, the meeting did not forget to learn. In the past three days, everyone, carefully equipped, carefully reported, a little bit of pieces, there were discussions, reviews, and records; in three days, everyone, serious study, exchanges, there is, there is Training, communication, and improvement. In the past three days, the company has specially explained and trained on product structure explanation and technical communication, how to improve service awareness, professional image and etiquette, managerial quality, financial knowledge and reimbursement process, and specially invited doctoral tutor of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Central South University. Dean of Gaofei Bridge and Tunnel Intelligent Equipment Research Institute personally develops demand in the competitive market, how to mine customer demand, user core demand, differentiated competitive strategy in quarterly competition stage, tunnel lining trolley construction process, “SPIN” sales method The theory and practice of sales negotiation, negotiation strategy and negotiation skills have been thoroughly explained. The sentence is classic, the words are in the words, and the words are in the words. The words in the lines make our long-lost feelings stronger, and the struggle is stronger. The strength of the lameness is even more…·····. After the meeting, the company also specially held a grand celebration banquet for the sales team. Everyone relaxed their mood and devoted themselves to tomorrow’s “battle.”

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