What are the operational requirements for tunnel lining trolleys?

The tunnel concrete maintenance formwork

The personnel who need to operate the tunnel lining trolley need some specific understanding. Now many operators do not have this understanding, so many people now have the problem that the operator will use the product for a long time. The body has received a lot of damage, so the person using this product needs special attention.

Basic requirements

1. Personnel clothing should be regular, compact and neat, ensuring flexible hands and feet during work. Should not wear shoes with spikes, high heels, slippers, sandals or slippery shoes.

2. Winter clothes are not too thick, leggings should be tight, hats have ear holes, gloves are divided into five fingers, depending on weather and environmental pollution, wear glasses.

3, personnel should concentrate on their work, banned driving after drinking, prohibiting the carrying of books, newspapers, magazine novels, snacks and other items on the train.

4. When passing through bridges, tunnels, crossings or crossing lines, it must be “one stop, two look, three pass.” In the long bridges and tunnels, it is necessary to open the interval, and when the car arrives, it will be scattered to the shelter and the shelter. To ensure personal safety.

5. In the station to choose a wide area to walk, across the line is to ban the pedals, rails and slides, pay attention to the vehicles and lines on the lines, conduits and so on.

6. It is strictly forbidden to jump, drill or drive over the hook. The material should not be transferred under the tunnel lining trolley and on the coupler. When staying around the vehicle, the distance should be no less than 5 meters, and pay attention to the vehicle dynamics and whether there is a train on the adjacent line.

7. On the way to the reciprocating work site, the person in charge of construction should lead the road or the roadside. The double-track section should face the direction of the train, and should be separated from each other to avoid mutual collision. It is strictly forbidden to walk the heart and walk the wood.

8. Protection should be provided for the unblocked adjacent line. When the vehicle is found or the guardian announces the signal, the neighboring line should be parked at a distance of 500 meters away from the car. After the next road, the station should be outside the limit. Pay attention to the falling objects on the car and the ropes to injure people.

9. Construction of the two-line section, strictly implementing the two-line avoidance system, must avoid the car on the shoulder of one side of the line, and should not avoid the car on the adjacent line and across the adjacent line.

10. Rain and snow weather Anyone is banned from lying under the car, rail or pillow wood, take a cool, rain and snow. It is strictly forbidden to take the locomotives that are running, and it is strictly forbidden to travel by car.

If the operator does not have this understanding when using the tunnel lining trolley, then the most serious results will lead to certain problems for the user’s body, and now many companies pay great attention to this, so the lining trolley is being carried out. Operators are trained to know some common sense issues during operation.

Tunnel lining trolley daily operation precautions

1. If you want to use the tunnel lining trolley before you need to find the relevant operation manual to carry out effective device setting, all the process should check whether each component has a solid link one by one, you should look at their device practice. The situation, after the device is installed, must also be tested again, to see if the rotation of the entire vehicle is sensitive, of course, there will be a variety of different means of installation when the device is practiced.

2. The time-division operator of the start switch should cooperate with some other vehicles to make the structure of the whole template reach a construction requirement. When the entire template reaches the construction requirements, the upper and lower templates will be precisely combined. The template of the entire tunnel lining trolley is closed. After the two templates are laid up and down, the concrete can be poured, and the concrete can be conveyed to the side of the relevant formwork trolley. Basically, the concrete can be poured better. Balanced by force.

3. After the tunnel lining trolley is demoulded, the work can be completed after the strength of the inverted concrete reaches a certain operational requirement.