What is the operation method of the steel formwork trolley

The steel formwork trolley is a special equipment designed and manufactured to improve the surface smoothness and lining speed of the tunnel lining and reduce labor intensity. There are side top arch type, straight wall variable section top arch type, full circle pin beam type, full circle passing type and so on. The following is a detailed description of the rules for the safe operation of steel mold trolleys, I hope to help you.

First, steel formwork trolley walking and seating

1. After the trolley is installed, check whether the structure of each part is in place, check whether the bolts of each part are firmly connected, and each coupling pin must be reliable and flexible in rotation. Fill the reducer with lubricating oil, fill the hydraulic oil tank with hydraulic oil, Lubricate the jack and other adjustment screws to ensure good lubrication of the equipment;

2. After determining the correct elevation of the track surface of the working position of the trolley, ensure that the track is symmetrical with respect to the centerline of the tunnel and the track surface is flat;

3. Make sure that the screw jacks act reliably to ensure safe use;

4. Cooperate with surveyors to adjust the formwork to meet the construction requirements;

Tunnel waterproof board laying formwork

Second, perfusion

1. The concrete in the lower part of the formwork is first poured and vibrated through the working window, and the working window is closed successively during the pouring process;

2. Finally, connect the delivery pipe to the grouting port on the top of the formwork, and perform a small amount of headspace infusion. After completion, remove excess concrete from the brake tip tube and close the grouting port;

3. The speed of pouring concrete must be controlled within 1.2m / h, that is, the rising height of each side must not be greater than 1.2 meters per hour;

4. The maximum thickness of the cast-in-place concrete of the trolley shall not be greater than the design thickness plus the over-excavation amount of 0.2m;
5. Only when the concrete is solidified to the quality required by the engineering technology, can the mold be supported;

Double-track railway lining trolley

Third, safety precautions

1. Regularly check whether the lubricant of the reducer and the anti-wear hydraulic oil of the hydraulic station are sufficient;

2. Regularly check whether the control circuit of the walking motor and hydraulic motor is working normally;

3. After each working cycle, check whether the connecting bolts are loose and the pins are reliable, and deal with problems if found;

4. When pouring, the left and right templates are symmetrically poured to ensure the balance of the load on the trolley, and the height difference between the concrete surfaces on both sides must not be greater than 500mm;

5. It is strictly forbidden to pour concrete into the entire lining length with one grouting port when the mold is capped. Each grouting port must be used in order to make the top formwork balanced. After filling, stop the pouring in time to avoid causing deformation of the template;

6. When the temperature is lower than the requirements of the specification, heat insulation measures should be added to ensure the quality of concrete pouring.

In addition to steel formwork trolleys, automatic trestle bridges and tunnel trestle bridges are also commonly used engineering construction equipment.