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Luoyang Gaofei went to China Railway Equipment to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation!

Luoyang Gaofei and China Railway Equipment (China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Tunnel Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) are long-term strategic partners. For a long time, they have been interacting with each other and have been promoted. Due to the invitation of China Railway Equipment, when the business managers of various regions returned to the first quarter […]

Financial advantages

The company’s financial staff has one senior title, one intermediate title, and three junior titles. The company’s financial management implements information technology integration, based on financial business process processing, with the goal of standardizing company processes, improving process efficiency, reducing operating costs and maximizing value creation, in terms of operational data, budget management, performance analysis, […]

Brand advantage

The company is committed to the world’s interconnection, Teng Tu Tongda, and inspirational to lead the industry development, Luoyang Gaofei can proudly say that in China’s bridge and tunnel complete sets of equipment manufacturing has achieved the first in Luoyang, the country’s top three. Next, we will carry out enterprise integration, focus on advantages, share […]

Honor advantage

The company is a provincial science and technology SMEs filing unit, three A-level Lixin units, integrity creation enterprises, Luoyang science and technology small giant enterprises, 2018 outstanding private enterprises, the group company is the vice president unit of Luoyang SMEs Association, Luoyang Bridge Vice President of the Tunnel Equipment Industry Association, Luoyang Science and Technology […]

Product advantages

The company’s main products are lining trolley, frameless lining trolley, automatic waterproof board trolley, hydraulic self-propelled mobile trestle, ditch cable trough trolley, constant temperature and humidity spray maintenance trolley, single-line steering platform, trolley diversion Slots, automatic cloth machines, shield machine parts and other series. The company specializes in tunnels, bridges and other fields for railway […]

Sales advantage

The company has a professional sales team, 3 existing regional managers, more than 30 other business elites, can provide customers with professional, detailed and comprehensive construction process plans and supporting equipment. In 2018, the company realized an output value of 86.038 million yuan, a main income of 86 million yuan, a profit of 1.168 million […]

After-sales advantage

  The company is a professional team with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. It specializes in the installation and maintenance of a series of tunnel complete sets of equipment such as trolleys, gutter cable troughs, trestles and waterproof boards. Our after-sales service team is waiting 24 hours a day to provide […]